Campus Accessibility

A Commitment to Maintain an Accessible Campus

Southern Methodist University is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. While the entire university has a stake in making SMU accessible, there are three groups on campus that lead this work.

DASS is the primary resource for SMU students, and as such we work closely with parents and families as well as SMU faculty and staff.

As part of the Student Academic Success Programs (SASP), DASS operates under the University Provost’s office.

The Office of Institutional Access and Equity is the primary resource for faculty and staff members with disability-related needs. The office also provides guidance to departments who must provide reasonable accommodations for guests attending their events

To address the needs of our entire campus community, including faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities, SMU established The President’s Commission on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities (PCNPD). Members of the commission meet regularly and make annual recommendations to the University President.