Honors and Scholars Programs

SMU offers an extensive range of Honors and Scholars programs for SMU students. Those contained in the Honors & Scholars department are: the Hilltop Scholars Program, the Rotunda Scholars Program, the University Honors Program, the Mustang Scholars Program, and the President’s Scholars Program.

Explore your academic opportunities.

Our dynamic programs are designed to provide unique academic opportunities, interdisciplinary seminars, and hands-on activities that will immediately challenge and expand your thinking. With a focus on academic enrichment, our programs offer a diverse array of experiences that will engage and inspire you.

Programs & scholar groups

Hilltop Scholars Two female students smile at the camera with an arm around each other. One student is wearing a t-shirt with sorority letters while the other student wears a light colored tank top.

Hilltop Scholars

The Hilltop Scholars Program (HSP) offers an opportunity for high-achieving incoming students to excel academically and develop leadership skills during their first year at SMU. Admission to the program is based on students' academic achievements and interest in service and leadership.
Mustang Scholars Three students talking as they study at a table. Math notes are written in expo marker on the table in front of them.

Mustang Scholars

The Mustang Scholarship awards full tuition & fees, along with room & boarding available exclusively to SMU students who will graduate from a high school located in Dallas County (Texas).
Rotunda Scholars 6 female black students in white dresses sit on a red couch in front of a large marquee sign for SMU - photo taken during a Boulevarding event.

Rotunda Scholars

The Rotunda Scholars Program (Rotunda) aims to help first-year students achieve early success at SMU by promoting academic achievement, leadership, and personal excellence.
President's Scholars Three female President's Scholars engaged in conversation with University President Robert Gerald Turner. The middle student is shaking his hand.

President's Scholars

The President’s Scholars (PS) program has provided opportunity to some of the nation’s brightest students, who in turn enrich the University environment with their intellectual vitality, diverse talents, and campus involvement.
Group of 6 Honors students on the steps of Dallas Hall

University Honors Program

Students in the University Honors Program (UHP) are prepared for the future through a program that centers on the values of a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences. Join us and explore your intellectual curiosities in an environment supported by expert faculty, advisors, and like-minded students.
Dr. David D. Doyle delivers remarks at the 2022 annual Hyer Society Induction Ceremony

Hyer Society

Named for the founding President of SMU, the Hyer Society was established in 1983 to recognize SMU’s most intellectually gifted undergraduates who have distinguished themselves through high academic achievement. 

Spaces & places

Academic Center for Excellence Three students study at a table inside of the Academic Center for Excellence

Academic Center for Excellence

Recognizing that everyone comes to college with different educational experiences, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) in Armstrong Residential Commons sponsor programs focuses on those who identify as first-generation college students, may need assistance in adjusting to an urban city, or seek assistance in fully utilizing campus resources, be they academic, financial, or social.

Scholars' Den Students are seated at tables in the Scholars' Den, while one student asks a question to a professor who is out of the camera's frame.

Scholars' Den

The Scholars' Den is a unique space in the Clements Hall basement made for studying, group work, informal meetings, or even taking a short nap between classes. 

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