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University Honors Program

The University Honors Program (UHP) prepares undergraduate students for their future by emphasizing a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences, and fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity. UHP is supported by expert faculty, advisors, and a community of like-minded students who are committed to exploring diverse academic interests.

Invited students will experience an engaging environment that encourages students to reach their full academic potential.

Students in the UHP program enroll in distinctive courses that provide opportunities to travel, complete independent research projects, and engage in Oxford seminar style coursework.

A community of scholars who relish academic challenges and life's adventures.

The University Honors Program is the Heart of SMU's Intellectual Community

UHP News and Events


New UHP Alumni Network

If you are an alum of the SMU UHP and would like to learn more about our new Alumni Network, please email Susan Harris (


We have a Slack Channel

Current students: Stay connected during this difficult time, we have a Slack Channel. Check your SMU email for the invitation link. 


New UHP Class offered Spring 2023!

UHP 4100: Understanding Music through the Songs of Queen

Dr. Adam Neal

Tuesdays at 4pm in Clements G11

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The Physics of Video Games and Gaming

The Grand Challenge Problem is an open-ended, non-textbook question or prompt that invites students to

  • Identify the framework or scenario for their investigation of the prompt
  • Identify aspects within the framework that need to be investigated.
  • Use introductory physics concepts to explore the aspects and arrive at conclusions about them.

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