Ford 116SMU has many resources to assist you with problems requiring expertise in all aspects of data science, as well as researchers who specialize in applying data science tools to specific problem types.

Our consultants can help you with collection and analysis of data (big and small), data wrangling, use of statistical software, and data presentation. Some provide consulting for the university community only, and others can provide consulting services for outside organizations, as noted below.

We also have research centers specializing in applications of data science tools to the arts, criminal justice, and education.

Office of Information Technology Data Science Support

OIT's Research Services is available to advise SMU researchers (faculty, students, SMU staff) on choosing appropriate data, application of quantitative research methods, data analyses and data visualization.  SMU’s specialists support R/R Studio,  Mathematica, Python and provide limited support for SPSSSAS and Stata.

SMU Statistical Consulting Center

The SMU Statistical Consulting Center assists on-campus as well as off-campus clients with statistical expertise. This can include advising the client on data collection and analysis methods, or providing end-to-end services, including data collection, data wrangling, model building and analysis, prediction, and visualization.  

SMU Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE)

CORE is located in the Simmons School of Education and Human Development., and offers support to Simmons researchers in data collection and analysis. They also provide program evaluation for outside organizations on topics related to healthy individuals, schools and communities.