Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Data Science

SMU’s Data Science major provides interdisciplinary training in all the component fields of this area of study. Oversight of the degree is by a committee of faculty from SMU’s Departments of Mathematics and Statistical Science (Dedman School of Humanities and Sciences), Computer Science and Operations Research and Engineering Management (Lyle School of Engineering), and Information Technology and Operations Management (Cox School of Business). The innovative degree requires a second major and a capstone experience, to ensure strong application skills and orientation.

Data Science Minor

Almost every field of study uses some data science skills in today’s world. Students who are interested in an introduction to coding, data analysis, and data management to complement their major can choose a minor in Data Science.

Other undergraduate programs related to Data Science

SMU offers majors in all the component disciplinary fields of Data Science (Statistical Science, Computer Science, OREM, Mathematics). The Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) Department in the Cox School offers a major in Business Analytics and Supply-chain Management (BASM), while Meadows offers an interdisciplinary major in Creative Computation. Besides these, tracks within the CS major (AI/Machine learning and Data Engineering) offer even more specialization.