Academic Approvals

Academic changes at SMU (including modifications to existing academic programs, creation of new academic programs, creation of cooperative agreements with other institutions, creation or modification of off-campus instructional sites, changes to instructional modality, and a range of other changes) must go through a formal approval process that begins with approval by the Educational Programs Committee (EPC) and that may include SMU Board of Trustees approval and SACSCOC approval. This approval process can take up to one full academic year, and in some cases longer, so it is imperative that academic units plan accordingly. Please note that failure to secure appropriate approval for academic changes can have significant consequences up to and including loss of eligibility for federal financial aid funding for a program and loss of accreditation for the institution. Academic units planning changes should, at a minimum, contact either their Academic Associate Dean or Dayna Oscherwitz, Associate Provost for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, to determine what types of approval are needed.

The downloadable approval timelines are provided as a guide to help departments understand what levels of approval are needed for different types of academic changes and how long those approval processes generally take. Corresponding EPC forms are located here.