Energy Management

Policy number: 6.3

Policy section: Facilities Management

Revised Date: January 2, 2019

1. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the University to use, procure, and manage energy in a manner that promotes a low cost, efficient, and environmentally considerate resource in support of the University’s operational needs and requirements.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that energy and water consumption are reduced to a practical minimum, thus minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting budget stability.

3. Applicability

This policy shall apply to all facilities and assets on all SMU campuses.

4. Questions

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Associate Vice President in the Office of Facilities Planning and Management.

5. The Office of Facilities Planning and Management

The SMU Office of Facilities Planning and Management will ensure University compliance with this policy. In furtherance of this policy, the Office of Facilities Planning and Management shall:

  1. Provide strategic energy planning that offers vision, establishes goals, and promotes innovation;
  2. Operate campus facilities in a manner that minimizes energy consumption by leveraging building technology and automation systems with space and occupant requirements;
  3. Support new building construction and renovations to maximize energy efficiency;
  4. Integrate energy and water management best practices;
  5. Manage and review power curtailments;
  6. Strive for the practical minimization of greenhouse gases production;
  7. Monitor energy and environmental regulations, opportunities, and risks; and
  8. Promote and protect the SMU brand.

Revised: January 2, 2019

Adopted: June 1, 1994