Sub-Compact Utility Vehicles

Policy number: 11.6

Policy section: Risk Management

Revised Date: January 2, 2019

1.  Definitions

Definitions of capitalized terms are set forth in Appendix A.

2.  Policy Statement

The University cares about the safety of its students, faculty, staff, contractors, and guests while on University property. This policy provides requirements for safe operating procedures for those who operate Sub-Compact Utility Vehicles (“SCUVs”) on SMU property.

3.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to enhance the safety of students, faculty, staff, contractors, and guests at SMU while reducing and preventing losses and injuries that may result from SCUV operations.

4.  Applicability

All students, faculty, staff, and contractors are expected to comply with this policy as applicable.

5.  Office of Risk Management Procedures

Detailed procedures are outlined at the Office of Risk Management (“ORM”) website and address the following:

  1. Required Training and Educational programs to enhance safe and proper operating skills for those subject to this policy;
  2. Qualifications and safe operating procedures for personnel who operate SCUVs;
  3. Registration of SCUVs with SMU; and
  4. Proper and safe operating condition of all University SCUVs.

6.  Office and Departmental Responsibilities

  1. The ORM will oversee and manage the operating procedures, copies of which are available to Operators through the ORM website.
  2. The Operator Departments are responsible for all costs associated with the SCUV, including installation of required safety features, repairs, maintenance, and applicable insurance costs or deductibles on their respective SCUVs.
  3. The Parking and ID Card Services Office will enforce parking and registration procedures.
  4. The SMU Police Department will enforce operating procedures and conduct investigations.
  5. ORM will periodically audit operating units for compliance with the policy and accompanying procedures and identify areas needing improvement(s) and/or corrective action(s).

7.  Violations

Violations of this policy and the accompanying procedures may result in the Operator Department’s loss of use of a SCUV, or the Operator’s loss of SCUV operating privileges, and/or other disciplinary action up to and including termination.

8.  Questions

Questions about this policy should be directed to the Office of Risk Management.

Appendix A: Definitions

“Operator” means a qualified and authorized person who drives the SCUV on SMU property.

“Operator Department” means the department that authorizes the use, purchase, or lease of an SCUV on SMU property.

“Registration” of an SCUV means that the operator and/or operator department will document and register their SCUV in accordance with the SCUV procedures.

“Sub-Compact Utility Vehicle (SCUV)” means conventional golf carts, small utility trucks, low-speed vehicles (<25 mph), and all-terrain style or utility vehicles designed for off-road use.

Revised: January 2, 2019

Adopted: January 24, 2018