Policy number: 1.15

Policy section: Institutional Affairs

Revised Date: June 21, 2021

1.  Policy Statement

The  Board  of  Trustees  of  the University  has  affirmed that  abusive  use  of  alcoholic  beverages  and the corresponding effects upon persons constitute one of the more serious problems in our nation.  The Board of Trustees has urged all members of the University community to consider use of alcoholic beverages with responsibility, prudence, and moderation. As  a  University  community  which  espouses  the  value  and  worth  of  persons  in  an  environment  of free  and  open  inquiry  and  expression, it is  recognized  that individuals  must  be  free  to  follow  their own  conscience  regarding  the  use  of  alcoholic  beverages;  provided,  however,  that  such freedom does not imply license to violate the law or University policy. The  possession  and  consumption  of  alcoholic beverages  in  public  places  on  campus  on  property owned or controlled by the University is restricted subject to the provisions set forth below.

2.  Liquor Laws

All members of the University community should at all times be cognizant of and comply with all applicable liquor laws. The University expects each individual and group within the University community   to   obey   these   laws. Failure   to   do   so   will   subject   the   offender(s)   to   potential University action and/or action by civil authorities.

3.  Alcohol Abuse and Conduct

All members of the University community are expected to maintain self-control and to uphold their dignity  and  that  of  the  University  at  all  times  in  all  places  on  or  off  campus. Conduct  should  be consistent  with  ideals  of  excellence  of mind,  healthy  bodies,  and  responsible  social  behavior, including  recognition  of  the  rights  of  others. Intoxication  and  alcohol  abuse  are  inconsistent  with the  spirit  of  the  University  and  will  not  be  tolerated. In  recognition  of  this  fact,  the  University reserves  the  right  to  initiate  disciplinary  action  when  individuals  and  groups  neglect  or  abdicate their responsibility to observe the Student Code of Conduct of which this policy is a part.

4.  Approved Alcohol on Campus

The authority to approve the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on property owned or controlled by the University is delegated to the President of the University, and the President or his/her designee shall have the right and discretion to prohibit, or place restrictions and conditions upon  such  activities  he/she  deems appropriate  and  in  the  best  interest  of  the University. The President may adopt rules and/or approval procedures governing the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverage son   property   owned   or   controlled   by   the   University   consistent with   this policy. Such rules and procedures may limit or restrict the areas where possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

5.  Procedures

For procedures for the  sale  and  service  of  alcohol  and  for more information  regarding  the  process for  the  approval  of  alcohol  service  on  property  owned  or  controlled  by  the  University,  please  see

Revised: June 21, 2021

Adopted: July 22, 2015