Women's and Gender Studies

Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies

Concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies is offered through the Women’s Studies Program and jointly based in the Dedman Graduate Program and the Perkins School of Theology. It is a concentration designed to enhance the lives of students, both female and male, by facilitating the integration of theories about gender and knowledge about the roles and achievements of women, both past and present, in the global society. The courses are designed to provide comparative and historical perspectives on women, gender and feminism. The certificate program draws upon courses from a variety of disciplines; including anthropology; history; literary studies; media and film; and theology.

Concentration Requirements

  1. Formal registration for the certificate through SMU Dedman College and/or the Perkins School of Theology registrar. This shall include a proposed program plan for completion of the certificate developed with an adviser from the office of the Women’s Studies program or a Perkins adviser.
  2. An Advanced Feminist Theory course. This course will include the “classic” literature from feminist, womanist and mujerista perspectives and address current theoretical issues across relevant disciplines. The course will be taught in rotation by interested faculty associated with the Women’s Studies Program and Perkins School of Theology.
  3. Four additional courses that are Women’s Studies graduate-level approved core courses and Dedman undergraduate departmental courses (See the list below.). Students must register for Dedman undergraduate courses using a 6000-level number and arrange a separate syllabus and assignments in conjunction with the professor of record. Students are encouraged to petition the director of Women’s Studies for credit for other graduate courses in which they will engage in study appropriate to the intent of the certificate. Appropriate courses taken during matriculation at SMU yet prior to enrollment in the certificate may count toward program hours.

    Dedman Course Options

    ANTH 3310 Gender and Sex Roles: A Global Perspective
    ENGL 3331 Gender, Race and Class: Non-Western Culture and Literature
    ENGL 3367 Ethical Implications of Children’s Literature
    FL 3349/HIST 3392 The African Diaspora: Literature and History of Black Liberation
    HIST 3312 Women in American History
    HIST 3329 Women in Early Modern Europe
    HIST 3330 Women in Modern European History
    HIST 3348 American Families: Changing Experiences and Expectations
    HIST 3355 Class and Gender in Ancient Society
    PLSC 3370 Women in Politics
    PLSC 4339 Women and the Law
    WS 2308 Revisions: Woman as Thinker, Artist and Citizen
    WS 2315 Gender, Culture and Society

    Perkins Course Options

    CE 8338 Emancipatory Educational Ministry with Adolescent Girls: Liberating Othelia and LaTomika
    HR 8331 Women in World Religions
    HX 8328 Women in the History of Christianity
    HX 8329 Mary in the Christian Tradition
    HX 8337 Sex/Gender in Greek and Latin Patristic Thought
    MN 7342 Women in Ministry
    PC 8333 Pastoral Care and Counseling of Women
    PC 8335 Sexual and Domestic Violence: Theological and Pastoral Concerns
    PC 8345 Justice Issues in Pastoral Care
    PR 8332 Feminist Emancipatory Preaching
    ST 8345 Theologies of Hope and Liberation
    ST 8375 Feminist, Womanist and Mujerista Theologies
    WO 8308 Women and Worship

  4. As part of one of the four courses, students will complete a major research project that addresses issues concerning women and/or gender. A performance or exhibit may also constitute the major project, with approval of the director of Women’s Studies.
  5. Students may substitute an internship for one of the four courses and the associated major research project. The supervised internship must involve an organization or setting that addresses issues concerning women and/or gender. This project shall be delineated with an appropriate time of completion included in the program plan in consultation with a Women’s Studies or a Perkins Internship Office faculty member. A supervised internship setting for Perkins M.Div. students will require a learning goal for women’s studies and shall be done in consultation with the Perkins Internship Office. Women’s Studies internships can also be arranged in conjunction with the Dedman College internship program and the Women’s Studies adviser.