Social Innovation and Nonprofit Engagement

The concentration in Social Innovation and Nonprofit Engagement is jointly based in SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts and Perkins School of Theology. It is a fifteen credit hour interdisciplinary graduate-level concentration with the Meadows Department of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs that educates students to apply intellectual rigor and integrity to communication theory and practice research, strategy, consulting, and advocacy in light of critical theological inquiry. Students registered in the concentration will plan their academic program with the concentration adviser, the Perkins Registrar, and/or the Perkins academic dean. This planning will project needed seats for Perkins students in CCPA course options. Perkins’ students will have seats in required and elective courses through the planning process or upon notification from the Perkins Registrar and/or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs on or before the registration period.

Concentration in Social Innovation and Nonprofit Engagement Requirements

1. Formally register for the concentration through the office of the Registrar and the concentration adviser or Perkins academic dean. Candidates must have sufficient hours remaining in their degree program and a GPA of 3.000 in order to register. M.Div. candidates should not yet have applied for internship.

2. Complete fifteen credit hours of required courses:

a. CA 6320 Business and Professional Communication

b. Complete at least twelve credit hours in approved electives.

3. Complete an internship in an appropriate nonprofit setting identified and approved by the Intern Office.

Required Courses and Course Options

CA 6320: Business and Professional Communication

XS 6320 Social Innovation: Creating World Changers

XS 6321 Social Innovation II: From Idea to Organization

XS 6322: Social Innovation III: Funding, Donors, and Financing for the social good

XS 7320: Social Entrepreneurship and Stewardship in the Faith-Based Organization

XS 7321: Social Entrepreneurship, Capitalism and the Wesleyan Tradition

Other Perkins Course Options:  Students may select from a wide array of courses in the Perkins catalog that enhance biblical and theological inquiry into contemporary domestic and global issues.