Hispanic Studies

Concentration in Hispanic Studies

Perkins School of Theology, located in the Southwest with its significant Hispanic population and close proximity to Latin America, has committed itself to the preparation of church leaders with the knowledge and skills for effective ministry in this context. The Concentration in Hispanic Studies is offered to students in all Perkins degree programs and is intended specifically for students who want to prepare for ministry in a bilingual and bicultural setting. Concentration advisor: Dr. Paul Barton.

1. The student must formally register for the program through the office of the director of the Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Church Ministries Program (MAP) and the registrar.

2. The student must complete 15 term hours in Hispanic studies. The student is strongly encouraged to take at least one course in Hispanic studies from each of the four divisions of the curriculum. (See the list of designated courses below.)

3. By the senior year, the student must have reading and conversation skills at an intermediate level in Spanish and give evidence of being able to conduct the principal worship services of the church in Spanish.

4. The students without substantial experience in ministry with Hispanics must complete an interethnic experience in a Hispanic setting. The experience must be structured in consultation with the director of the Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Church Ministries Program.

5. The student must complete an internship in a Hispanic setting if possible, or, if that is not possible, serve an internship in which, by agreement, no less than one-third of the student’s working time is spent in a Hispanic congregation or project within the community. If neither of these is possible, the student must do a 40- to 60-hour inter-ethnic experience in a Hispanic church under supervision arranged by the director of the Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Church Ministries Program.

Designated Hispanic Studies Courses

The following courses are currently designated among those that can be taken to fulfill the 15 term hours required for the Concentration in Hispanic Studies. Other courses that include Hispanic theological and ministry concerns may also be considered for credit through consultation with the director of the MAP. The office of the MAP will maintain a record of new courses that can be applied for credit. Enrollment in Hispanic Studies courses is not limited to those admitted to the program, but is open to all students. Students may also receive credit for courses taken under the Hispanic Summer Program. International study opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean are also available for credit.

Course Options

Biblical Exegesis from a Hispanic Perspective

The Church and the Mexican American Community

Christianity and Social Justice in the Southwest

Christianity in the Hispanic Tradition

Christianity in Latin America

Ministry in the Hispanic Church

North American Hispanic Theology

Doing Theology from a Hispanic Perspective

Race Relations and the Church

Broad-Based Community Organizing: Holiness and Politics in the Urban Church