Church/Nonprofit Management

The concentration in Church/Nonprofit Management available for Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Ministry degree programs is jointly based in SMU’s Cox School of Business and Perkins School of Theology. It is an eighteen credit hour interdisciplinary graduate level concentration with the Cox Management and Organizations and Marketing Departments that provides high quality business education to students in tandem with critical theological preparation. Students registered in the concentration will plan their academic program with their advisor, the Perkins Registrar, and/or the Perkins academic dean. Perkins’ students will have seats in required and elective courses through the planning process or upon notification from the Perkins Registrar and/or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs on or before the registration period. Graduate courses in Cox School of Business will have a Management and Organizations (MNO) or Marketing (MKTG) prefix as well as a 6000 level course number. Each 16-week term in Cox is divided into two eight-week modules, A and B, with courses in each module earning two credit hours per course. For more information on Cox School of Business course schedules, please visit or email the Cox Graduate Student Services Office at

Concentration in Church/Nonprofit Management Requirements

1. Formally register for the concentration through the office of the Registrar and the concentration advisor or Perkins academic dean. Candidates must have sufficient hours remaining in their degree program and a GPA of 3.000 in order to register. M.Div. candidates should not yet have applied for internship.

2. Complete fourteen credit hours of required courses:

a) CA 8319 Dynamics of Pastoral Leadership (3 credit hours)

b) CA 8317 Theology and Practice of Stewardship (3 credit hours)

c) MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior: Managing and Leading People (2 credit hours)

d) MKTG 6201 Marketing Management (2 credit hours)

e) MNO 6202 Leading Teams and Organizations (2 credit hours)

f) MKTG 6233 Nonprofit Marketing Strategy (2 credit hours)

3. Plus any two of the following electives:

a) MNO 6214 Strategic Management of Human Capital (2 credit hours)

b) MNO 6210 Leader as Coach (2 credit hours)

c) MNO 6215 Master Negotiation (2 credit hours)

d) MNO 6218 Organizational Leadership (2 credit hours)

e) MNO 6222 Leading Organizational Change (2 credit hours)

f) MNO 6226 Managing Across Cultures (2 credit hours)

g) MKTG 6204 Consumer Behavior (2 credit hours)

h) MKTG 6232 Digital and Social Media Marketing (2 credit hours)