Anthony Elia

Director of Bridwell Library and J.S. Bridwell Foundation Endowed Librarian

Anthony Elia




University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, M.S.L.I.S. 2007; University of Chicago, M.A. in History of Christianity, 2004; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, M.A. in Religious Studies, Biblical Studies Focus, 2002; St. Lawrence University, B.A. in Religious Studies, 1997; Non-Degree Studies: Charles University, Prague (Czech) Summer 2003; Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome (Latin) 2000-1; SLU-Univ. Nairobi Program, Nairobi, Fall 1996;

Research Interests

Intellectual Histories; Christian Cabala; Near Eastern Studies; Islamic Central Asian History, Literature, and Art; Histories of Education, Technology, and Cybersecurity;

Selected Publications

:: "The Theology of Cybersecurity: Global Threats, Local Protections, and Ethical Obligations,” ATLA forthcoming, 2018

:: "What is ‘Innovation’—Examining the Theological-Industrial-Complex,” Panel/ATLA forthcoming, 2018

:: "Martin Luther, Islamic Thought, and Tatar Intellectuals,” Encounter, 2018

:: "What is a Classroom?—Learning Environments, Library Collections, and the Internet in Theological Education,” ATLA Proceedings, 2017

:: "Olivier Messiaen and the Theologies of Sound,” Pre-Concert Lecture, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, April 21, 2016

:: "C.S. Lewis and the Formation of the Natural World: In Pursuit of Education, Humanism, and Natural Law in The Abolition of Man,” Lecture, CTS March 2015

:: "An Unknown Exegete: Uncovering the Biblical Theology of Elizabeth Barrett Browning,” Theological Librarianship, Jan. 2014

Professional Distinctions

Gloria (for mixed chorus and brass), 2017
Te Deum (for mixed chorus and strings), 2015-16
Moriah: A Micro-Drama for ‘cello and oboe, 2015
Cantata for All Saints, 2014
Piano Sonata #4, 2014
Piano Sonata #3 (Dodecahedral), 2013
Damascus at Night: A Ballet for Orchestra, 2013
Quatuor pour temps incertains, 2013
Sonata for ‘Cello and Piano, 2010