SMU Guildhall: A Network of Game Changers 

Every member of the SMU Guildhall family contributes to our story. We're proud of the successful past we've had as a program, watching our students and alumni grow into stellar careers, and are excited to see the bright future that's ahead.

We're also proud of the cycle of success we maintain. The SMU Guildhall faculty of industry leaders teach our students to be skillful game developers. Those alumni go on to become pros, leading teams of their own and publishing top tiles. And they return to give back to the next generation, imparting wisdom in a multitude of ways and hiring our talent. This cycle makes the SMU Guildhall family strong and connected, and it's one of the many reasons our community continues to evolve and expand in both impact and size.


Our students

Our diverse student body comes from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. They have represented 48 states and 13 countries. Learn more 

Our alumni

We have graduated more then 770 alumni who have gone on to work at over 270 game studios and tech companies around the world. Many have gone on to occupy senior or lead positions within 4-7 years after graduation. Learn more 


Our Faculty

Our full-time faculty are industry veterans, who have worked on more than 290 professional games across three decades at over 40 leading game studios. Our adjunct faculty are leading game developers that make games by day and teach here in the evenings. Learn more about our faculty 


Our Staff


Our staff members have a wide range of experience in higher education and 90 years of cumulative experience at SMU. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of our program. Learn more about our staff