MSDS Program

Welcome to SMU!

The University Registrar's Office welcomes you to Southern Methodist University. This page is specifically designed for students who have been approved for the Master of Science in Data Science program. If you need more information about this academic program, please visit

SMU ID and Email

Once you've been admitted to the Master of Science in Data Science program, you will receive a letter from Admissions that contains your SMU ID and SMU email. This letter will give you instructions on how to activate your account in my.SMU and set your password. If you've not already activated your account, you should do so.

MSDS Academic Calendar

Enrollment Information

Beginning in Spring 2015, students will be enrolled in courses by the University Registrar’s Office. Before you can be enrolled, you will need to read and agree to the Student Rights and Responsibilities which consists of 1) Financial Rights & Responsibilities, 2) Honor Code & Student Code of Conduct, and 3) Appeals & Complaints. You will be sent an email regarding this prior to your first semester of enrollment. Students are required to agree to this every semester before they can be enrolled.

If you need to drop a course or withdraw, please see below. (NOTE: Please refer to the Academic Calendar for important deadlines located at

Drop a course

Login to my.SMU and click on Student Center.
Follow steps in the online tutorial located at
Click on Students.
Click on Full Student Essentials Course.
Click Enroll.
Click Drop Classes from My Schedule.
(The online tutorial explains how to do this in my.SMU.)

Withdraw from Program

Students cannot withdraw from the University online. You must contact one of the Executive Program Directors. University Registrar’s Office will be notified and process the withdrawal.


If you have a hold, you will be able to view the hold in my.SMU

  • Log in to my.SMU.
  • Click on Student Center.
  • Holds will be listed in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click on the Details link.
  • Click on the link for the hold to see instructions.

Personal Information Update

You are required to review and/or update their Personal Information annually. That is, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contact information, and demographic data. You will be sent an email with instructions reminding you to do this. You will be prevented from enrolling if your information is insufficient or outdated.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Each term you must read and agree to the terms of the Student Financial Rights and Responsibilities agreement. This document addresses the student financial obligation and tuition repayment agreement as well as the withdrawal policy, failure to pay, collections for nonpayment, etc.  You may not enroll for classes until you have agreed to the terms of this document.

FERPA/Confidentiality of Account

Your education records are maintained in a secure and confidential manner. More information regarding FERPA can be found on our FERPA webpage.

Enrollment Verifications

Should you need to obtain an Enrollment Verification while pursuing your degree, click here for more information.

Transcript Requests

You may request an official transcript in the Student Center of my.SMU. Click here for more information.

Veteran Benefits

Do you plan to use VA benefits while pursuing your degree? If so, visit our Veterans webpage for specific information. Please note that Yellow Ribbon is not available for students pursuing the MSDS program.


The University Registrar would like to personally invite you to participate in the commencement ceremony after you complete your degree. Visit our Academic Ceremonies webpage for specific information.


Send an email to
Contact us at 214-768-3417