Latin American and Iberian Studies Courses

Social Sciences (Group I)

ANTH 3313 South American Indians of the Past and Present
ANTH 3354 Latin America: Peoples, Places, and Power
HIST 2384 Latin America: The Colonial Period
HIST 2385 Latin America in the Modern Era
HIST 3308 Film History of U.S. Hispanics
HIST 3317 Women in Latin American Societies
HIST 3324 The Mexican Americans, 1848 to the Present
HIST 3382 History of Mexico
PLSC 3348 Government and Politics in Latin America
PLSC 3349 Politics of Major Latin American Countries
PLSC 4340 Special Studies in Comparative Government and Politics (Spain)
PLSC 4356 Latin American Political Economy
SOCI 3370 Minority-Dominant Relations
SOCI 3372 Contemporary Issues in the Southwest

Humanities and Arts (Group II)

ANTH 3312 Mesoamerican Archaeology
ARHS 1308 Epic of Latin America
ARHS 1350 Arts in the Portuguese Empire
ARHS 3324 Arts and Cultures of Medieval Spain
ARHS 3328 Latin American History through Visual Culture
ARHS 3338 Sacred and Profane: Spanish Art and Architecture
ARHS 3339 El Greco to Goya: Painting in the Golden Age
ARHS 3344 Paintings at the Prado (Spain)
ARHS 3360 Modern Painters in Spain (Spain)
ARHS 3363 Topics in Brazilian Art and Architecture
ARHS 3376 Latin American Art
ARHS 3377 Art and Architecture of Hispanic New Mexico
ARHS 3379 Power and Spectacle: The Arts of Spain and New Spain
ARHS 3382 Arts of the Ancient Andean Tradition: Chavin to Inca
ARHS 3383 The Ancient Maya: Art and History
ARHS 3385 The Aztecs before and after the Conquest: Mesoamerica 1400-1600 ARHS 3391 Visual Culture in Colonial Mexico ENGL 3363 Chicano/Chicana Literature RELI 3353 Identity and the Sacred in the Southwest SPAN 3374 Topics in Spanish American Civilization (also in Xalapa) Spanish Literature Courses (Group II) SPAN 4395 Introduction to Hispanic Literature SPAN 5310 Spanish Literature before 1700 SPAN 5311 Spanish Literature since 1700 SPAN 5315 Spanish American Literature to 1888 SPAN 5316 Spanish American Literature since 1888 SPAN 5321 The Renaissance and Golden Age: Prose Fiction SPAN 5323 Nineteenth-Century Prose Fiction of Spain SPAN 5325 Twentieth-Century Peninsular Prose Fiction SPAN 5334 The Novel of the Post-Civil War Period SPAN 5335 Genre Studies (Spain) SPAN 5336 The Spanish American Novel (also Xalapa) SPAN 5337 The Spanish-American Essay SPAN 5338 The Spanish American Short Story (also Xalapa) SPAN 5339 Spanish American Poetry SPAN 5361 Don Quixote: The Idea, the Character, the Book SPAN 5365 Contemporary Spanish Women Writers SPAN 5370 Rewriting Discovery and Exploration in the Spanish Borderlands SPAN 5375 Contemporary Fiction by Latin American Women Writers WL 3303/SPAN 3373 Topics in Spanish Civilization WL 3306 Chicano Cultural Heritage