Asian Studies Courses

Social Sciences (Group I)

ANTH 3323 East Asian Cultural Traditions
ANTH 4390 Asian Society: Study Tour and Seminar (Australia)
BA 3300 Special Topics: Japanese Business (Japan)
ECO 4357 International Trade: Japanese Economy (Japan)
HIST 2390 Civilization of India
HIST 2393 Japan before 1850
HIST 2394 China Before 1850 (co-listed with WL 3397)
HIST 2395 Modern East Asia
HIST 3315 Modern South Asia: Colonialism and Nationalism
HIST 3387 Asia and the West
HIST 3393 China in Revolution
HIST 3398 Women in Chinese History
HIST 4394 Modern History of China (Taipei)
PLSC 3346 Government and Politics in Japan
PLSC 3352 Chinese Politics
PLSC 4340 Special Studies in Comparative Government and Politics
PLSC 4353 Government and Politics of East Asia
PLSC 4386 International Relations of East Asia

Humanities and Arts (Group II)

ARHS 3394 Arts and Architecture of Japan
ARHS 3396 Art and Architecture of China (Taipei)
CHIN 4381 Readings in Chinese Literature and Culture
CHIN 4382 Chinese Culture and Society in Film
RELI 1303 Introduction to Eastern Religions
RELI 3306 Introduction to the Hindu Tradition
RELI 3307 Introduction to Buddhism
RELI 3365 Understanding the Self: East and West
RELI 3377 The Cultural History of Tibet
RELI 3378 Religions of China
RELI 3382 Mysticism, East and West
RELI 3384 Hinduism and Colonial Encounters
WL 3325 Perspectives on Modern China