African and Middle Eastern Studies Courses

Social Sciences (Group I)

ANTH 3314 Peoples of Africa
ANTH 3359 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
HIST 2355 History of the Ancient Near East and Egypt
HIST 2379 History of Islamic Empires
HIST 2391 Africa to the 19th Century
HIST 2392 Modern Africa
HIST 3323 History of Islam in South Asia
HIST 3326 The Venture of Islam
HIST 3350 A History of Ancient Egypt
HIST 3351 A History of Ancient Far East
HIST 3371 Conflicts in the Modern Middle East
HIST 3377 History of South Africa
HIST 3378 Problems in African History
HIST 3389 Problems in Middle Eastern History
HIST 3390 The Modern Middle East: From the Ottoman Empire to OPEC
HIST 5495 A History of Iran
PLSC 3345 Government and Politics in the Middle East
PLSC 3347 Government and Politics of Africa

Humanities and Arts (Group II)

ARHS 3392 Islamic Art and Architecture: Creation of a New Art
RELI 3329 Introduction to Islam
RELI 3362 Islam and the West
WL 3330 Migration, Occupation, and Independence in North African Cinema
WL 3341 The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
WL 3349 The African Diaspora: Literature and History of Black Liberation
WL 3355 Tradition, Community, and Identity in African Cinema