Report a Crime

See Something, Say Something

The SMU Police Department is asking the University community to help make the campus safer by being more aware of their surroundings and reporting anything – or anyone – suspicious.

Student safety has always been one of our top priorities. To make SMU the best place possible, we need everyone’s help. This includes always being aware of your surroundings.

Suspicious activities include:

  • A person loitering in parking lots, garages or building hallways
  • Someone you don’t recognize attempting to enter restricted areas of a building
  • Someone you don’t recognize following you or others into a residence hall
  • Someone you don’t recognize taking pictures of or sketching structures
  • Unattended, abandon or unusual-looking vehicles parked for prolong periods of time in the same location
  • Someone asking questions about security procedures

Suspicious packages include:

  • An unattended backpack, briefcase or luggage left in public or high-traffic areas
  • A package, envelope or device that looks suspicious, seems out of place or cannot be readily identified

If you see someone or something that looks suspicious or out of place, call us at 911 or 214-768-3333.