SMU Card

The Southern Methodist University Procurement Card Program is designed to provide authorized faculty and staff with a cost-effective and convenient method of procuring small dollar purchases of regularly consumed supplies. 

Card users are expected to make sound business decisions in the best interest of the University and always comply with the policies and procedures set forth in this guide and the Procurement Card Custodian Use Agreement.

The Procurement Card Program is not intended to supplant the University’s existing purchasing system. It is intended to broaden the University’s portfolio of procurement methods.

SMU Credit Card Test-  After first time applying for the SMU Card, a test must be taken and passed at 100%.  The test is to make sure you have covered the material given to you and understand the responsibilities the card represents. 

Obtaining an SMU Credit Card:

  • To begin the process, a signed SMU Card Holder Agreement, including the conflict of interest statement, must be submitted for each prospective cardholder to the Card Administrator.
  • Upon receipt and initial review, the applicant will be sent a link to fill out the card application online on the JP Morgan portal.
  • The application must be sent to and approved by the applicant’s manager and Business Financial Officer.
  • After these approvals, the applicant will receive an invitation to the SMU Card Course on Canvas. Log in can occur through the link on the invite or going to Log in will consist of your SMU ID# and system password.
  • An SMU Card test is mandatory in order to receive your card.  This test must be passed with a score of 100% or a card will be denied to the applicant. Multiple attempts are allowed. 
  • Test results will be forwarded to the Card Administrator, and then your card will be ordered.
  • Turn around once the passing test score has been received is 4 to 7 business days.
  • You will be contacted once the card is available for pick up in the Purchasing Office at Expressway Tower, suite 205.
  • Applicant must complete their 90 day probationary period to be eligible for a card. Any exceptions to this rule require the written approval of the Director of Purchasing.
  • Cards will not be given to temporary employees.

There will be ONE SMU Card with 3 profile options available:

  • Purchase Only Card: This will be used to make non travel purchases for items allowed by policy.
  • One Card: This card can be used for both travel and non-travel related purchases allowed by policy.
  • Travel Only Card: this can be used for only travel related purchases allowed by policy.


The Concur system will allow you to attach your receipts to your charges, which means the need to submit your monthly statement with your scanned receipts will not be necessary.  Concur will be your one stop to reconcile your charges, provide back up, and submit for approval. 

Concur provides options to attach your receipts:

  • The Concur App for your mobile phone- you can take a picture of your receipt and save it under your profile.
  • You can scan and upload your receipt
  • Email your receipt to


Chip Cards:

JP Morgan has officially completed the conversion of all SMU Purchasing Cards to new "Chip" Cards. Traditional magnetic swipe cards are no longer active. If you are an SMU cardholder and have not yet picked up your new "Chip" Card, please contact the SMU Card Administrator. If you have picked up your new "Chip" Card and have not yet activated it, please contact JP Morgan at 1-866-602-8170 to activate the new card.