In the spirit of former U.S. Senator John Tower’s commitment to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders, the Tower Center seeks to bridge the gap between the world of ideas and scholarship and the practice of politics. Our mission is two fold:

  • To promote the study of politics and international affairs and
  • To stimulate an interest in ethical public service among undergraduates.

We are an academic center in which all parties and views are heard in a marketplace of ideas, and we pursue our mission in a non-partisan manner.

Center Spotlight

Every month we interview one of our affiliates to highlight their research, accomplishments and experiences. This month, we talked to Gianna Englert, assistant professor of political science at SMU, about her research on how 19th century liberalism informs ideas of citizenship today.



Scholar Spotlight

Every month we interview a Highland Capital Management Tower Scholar in order to share their unique experiences and stories. This month read about senior Noelle Kendall and why she decided to combine her study of medicine with the Tower Scholars Program minor in public policy and international affairs.