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SMU-in-Taos will offer a variety of courses for the upcoming May and August Terms. To participate in the SMU-in-Taos program, students must enroll in a 3-credit hour course with the option to take the 1-credit hour course, PRW 2135 Mountain Sports.

To find out the arrival and departure dates of each term, check out the upcoming Dates and Deadlines.

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Course Number
Name Credit Hours UC CC Instructor Prerequisites Term Course Description
ADV 1321Intro to Creativity3CACAMark AllenWaivedMay
ANTH 3348 / HRTS 3348Health as a Human Right3HSBS, CE, GE, HD, ILCE, HD, GPS, SBSNia ParsonNoneMay
ASDR 1300Introduction to Drawing3CACAJohn DickinsonNoneMay
BIOL 1300Biology for Liberal Arts - Wildlife of the Southwest3SEESAlejandro D'BrotNoneMay
CEE 2302Authentic Leadership3CE, HDBarbara MinskerNoneMay
ECE 5393 / CS 5393In-Field Drone Communications Experimentation3Joe CampWaivedMay
HIST 3309North American Environmental History3WK, WHC, WAndrew GraybillNone, not available to students who have taken HIST 3379 Cultural History of New MexicoMay
HIST 3379Cultural History of New Mexico3HCHC, HD, OCNeil FoleyNoneMay
PRW 2135Mountain Sports1Bradley WarrenNoneMay
PSYC 3362Psychology and the Challenges of Life3IICHD, SBS (pending)Sarah Kucker and Michael ChmielewskiNoneMay
WL 3373The Short Story in Latin America3LL, IL, OCLAI, OCMaria del Pilar MelgarejoNoneMay
WRTR 1313Writing and Critical Reasoning -Fire Out West and Other Disasters3CRSamantha MabryPrerequisites: C- or better in WRTR 1312, WRTR 2303, or WRTR 2305, or appropriate transfer credit.May
ANTH 3354Latin America: Peoples, Places, and Power3HSBSHD, GPS, SBSNia ParsonNoneAugust
APSM 3360Nutrition & Population Health3TM (breadth), CECIE Laura Robinson-DoyleNoneAugust
ARHS 3305Arts of the American Southwest3CA, HC, OC, W, HDCA, CIE, OC, WKathy WindrowNoneAugust
BIOL 1300Biology for Liberal Arts- Aquatic Biology3SEESRachel WrightNoneAugust
ENGL 2311Poetry3LLLAI, WDavid CaplanNoneAugust
HIST 3310Problems in American History- Technologies and Our Societies3HCHC, OCScott PalmerNoneAugust
ITOM 3306Operations Management3TMAngelika LeskovskayaACCT 2301; ECO 1311 and ECO 1312; ITOM 2308; MATH 1309 or MATH 1337; and one from the following: CS 4340, OREM 3340, ITOM 2305, STAT 2331, STAT 4340.August
PHIL 1318Contemporary Moral Problems3PRPREIAlida LibermanNoneAugust
PLSC 4375The Ethics of Revolution and Civil Disobedience3HFA, HSBSCIEMatthew WilsonNoneAugust
PRW 2135Mountain Sports1Bradley WarrenNoneAugust
WL 3311Food & Identity in the Southwest3GPS, HD, TASLourdes MolinaNoneAugust