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Course Number
Name Credit Hours UC CC Instructor Prerequisites Course Description
AMAE 3387Principles of Creative Entrepreneurship3Jim Hartnone
APSM 3360Nutrition & Population Health3TM (breadth), CECIE, CELaura Robinson-Doylenone
ARHS 3305Arts of the American Southwest3CA, HC, OC, W, HDCA, CIE, OC, WKathy Windrownone
HIST 3379The Cultural History of New Mexico3HC, HD, OC, ILHC, HD, OCAndrew Graybillnone
ME 4322Vibrations3LLElena BorzovaME 2320 or CEE 2320, MATH 3313, MATH 3304
MKTG 3349Product & Brand Management- Sustainability & Marketing3Madhura Kulkarniwaived
PRW 2135Mountain Sports1PRWBradley Warrennone
PSYC 3341Social Psychology3IIC, HDHD, SBSChris Logannone
RELI 1303Intro to Asian Religions3HC, PREI,PREI, GPSJohan Elverskognone
WL 3311Food & Identity in the Southwest3GPS, HD, TASLourdes Molinanone