Member Parking

Parking Information

On-campus parking is available to eligible Dedman members.  Student, Faculty/Staff and Retiree members will obtain parking through SMU Parking.  Some membership categories will include on-campus parking while others will be required to pay an annual parking fee (See Memberships).  An active membership at time of purchase is required.  Dedman members are restricted to Moody, Binkley and Meadows garages (See below for details).

Parking is based on a calendar year and not annually with membership enrollment.  Beginning in November, members can order parking for the upcoming year.  To order parking, visit our online Parking Permit Request form link on this page or the computers located in the Dedman lobby.  Memberships requiring a fee for parking permit must visit the front desk to purchase and order.  The make, model, year, color and license plate number will be required.  

NOTE: Parking permits are issued to the individual member.  Individual member is only permitted a single parking permit.  Member may register up to 2 different vehicles to a single permit.  Permits are easily peeled from window and transferrable between vehicles.  

A replacement parking permit for the current calendar year must be purchased from the Dedman Center's front desk.

FAQ & Map

Using Your Dedman Member Card:

  • Tolltags are not activated for SMU Parking and currently not available to Dedman Members.
  • Ensure card is not physically damaged or badly bent.  If so, a replacement may be purchased.
  • Minimize interference by presenting the card only.  Some credit cards, wallets or ID card holders will prevent the reader from recognizing the signal.
  • Do not attempt at a visitor/pay station or the Owensby entrance to Binkley garage.
  • Present card properly by placing the card flat against the reader with picture facing you but directly on the reader for 2 seconds (see below)


Additional Resources

  • Jumpstart Your Workout! (PDF) Discover the number of of calories burned while walking from the various parking garages to the Dedman Center.
  • Parking and ID Cards Services Office: 214-768-7275
  • SMU Police: Emergencies dial 911 from a campus phone or 214-768-3333; Non-Emergencies: 214-768-3388

Any questions, comments, suggestions regarding the SMU Recreational Center website should be directed to, or at the Main Desk at 214-768-3374.