Where is God Calling You?

You’re driving down the highway after another day at work, a position that leads you to question your career path. Stuck in traffic, you look up and see a new billboard – one you hadn’t noticed even a few days earlier.

Its central message is simple: “Where is God calling you?”

Can you relate to this situation? Is your career at a crossroads and has you feeling a possible nudge toward ministry or theological education as a means of deepening your own faith and vocation?

Perkins School of Theology offers a wide variety of degree programs tailored to fit your passions and interests. Whether that’s seeking a Master of Divinity to become an ordained clergy member, obtaining a Master of Theological Studies to have a more basic understanding of theological principles or earning a Doctor of Ministry to further deepen your professional ministry, our award-winning faculty members at Perkins will help you identify and maximize the opportunities available to you. 

Perkins also offers the following degree programs:

Master of Arts in Ministry
Master in Sacred Music
Master of Theology (English and Spanish-speaking)
Doctor of Pastoral Music
Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts in Religious Studies (in conjunction with the Graduate Program in Religious Studies at SMU’s Dedman College)

For more information about Perkins, contact Herbert Coleman, Director of Recruitment and Admissions, at 214-768-2139 or hcoleman@smu.edu

To apply: http://www.smu.edu/Perkins/Admissions/apply