D.Min. Directed Studies and Reading Course Policy

  1. Directed Studies (DM 9390) and Reading courses (DM 9393) are possible on a limited basis for students wishing to study a specific area not covered by other D.Min. courses.

  2. Ordinarily, no more than one such course may be taken during a student's program of study.

  3. Normally, an instructor should not offer more than one such course per term.

  4. Directed Studies or Reading Courses are not allowed in the summer session.

  5. Students from the Arkansas Conference of The UMC seeking transfer credit for their participation in “Connected-in-Christ” will enroll for DM 9393.

  6. Procedure for applying for a reading course:
    1. The student should discuss and agree on the proposed course with a professor who is willing and able to teach it.
    2. The student should submit a petition for the course to the Director of Advanced Studies that addresses the issues listed in point 8 below. The student must deliver this petition to the Director of Advanced Studies by the end of the period of advance registration during the term preceding that in which the reading course is to be taken.
  7. The Director of Advanced Studies will sign the petition, if approved, and forward it to the Registrar. The Registrar will assign a number for the reading course and register the student.

  8. Required information items for a Directed Studies or Reading Course Petition:
  • Date
  • Student's name
  • Professor's name
  • Title of course
  • Description of course (in 30 words or less)
  • Basic course outline and bibliography
  • Number of conferences to be scheduled
  • Assignments, papers, exams
  • When will the course be taken?
  • Why does the student need this course? Why does an existing course not meet this need?
  • If the student has already taken one reading course, why is there reason to take a second course?
  • How far has the student advanced in completing work for his or her degree? Present grade point average?
  • Signature of professor.
  • Signature of student.
  • Signature of the Director of Advanced Studies.