Course Information

D.Min. Course Inventory (under revision)

Required Courses for All Doctor of Ministry Students

DM 9014. Project Prospectus I (Project Topic Seminar)
A seminar for first year Doctor of Ministry students designed to develop a formal topic proposal for the student’s intended professional project practicum and project thesis. One and a half term hours. Required of all D.Min. students.

DM 9019. Project Prospectus II (Prospectus Seminar)
A seminar for the second year Doctor of Ministry students designed to develop a formal professional project prospectus for the student’s intended professional project practicum and project thesis. One and a half term hours. Required of all D.Min. students.

DM 9370. The Person and the Role of the Minister
An integrative approach to personal and professional issues in ministry.
The purpose of this course is to enable the individual to develop a clearer sense of self as this affects the role of minister and to learn an integrative approach to personal and professional issues in ministry. The course will cover three areas: self-understanding, role understanding (office, gifts, and call) and the integration of the two. Three term hours. Required of all D.Min students.

DM 9380. Seminar in Practical Theology
This seminar is designed to enable the participants to read, reflect upon, and formulate conclusions concerning the field of practical theology and its relationship to one's practice of ministry. Three term hours. Required of all D.Min students.

DM 9396. Doctor of Ministry Practicum
The Project Practicum is the supervised experience in ministry in an approved setting during which the ministry project proposed in the prospectus is implemented. Three term hours. Required of all D.Min students.

DM 9398. Doctor of Ministry Project (Thesis)
Building upon the Project Practicum the written Project Thesis is a contribution to the understanding and practice of ministry through the completion of doctoral-level project/ thesis. Required of all D.Min students. Three term hours.

Regular Course Options

DM 8049. Full Time Graduate Status
No term hours.

DM 9303. Preaching from the Bible
An exegetical-expository study of a book of the Bible with reference to pulpit proclamation. Three term hours.

DM 9305. Evangelism and the Logic of Renewal
A critical examination of various proposals for the renewal of the church that have emerged over the last generation and an exploration of their significance for the revitalization of evangelism in the twenty-first century. Three term hours.

DM 9307. Conflict Transformation in Congregational Life
This seminar will explore conflict in congregational life, assist the participants in developing their own theoretical and theological understanding of conflict, and offer some practical tools to address conflict. Three term hours.

DM 9308. Making Sense of the American Spiritual Landscape
A critical overview of the trends that shape the American spiritual landscape and their impact, providing students with historical, sociological and theological tools to understand and evaluate those trends. Three term hours.

DM 9309. Strategic Planning in the 21st Century: Open Space Technology, Self-Organizing Systems, and Healthy Congregational Life
The purpose of this seminar is to explore leadership, healthy congregational life, and planning for the future in light of some of the principles of self-organizing systems. Open Space Technology is a simple process that uses self-organizing principles to develop strategies for the future. We will use Open Space Technology as a way of experiencing and exploring the principles of self-organizing systems and their implications for strategic plans, leadership, and healthy congregational life. Three term hours.

DM 9311. Eschatology and the Practice of Ministry
A study of eschatology in past and present expressions of the Church’s life with special concern for the impact of contemporary eschatologies on the practice of ministry. Three term hours.

DM 9314. Spiritualities and Mission
This course looks at the mission of the church in the light of different modes of spirituality. Due emphasis will be given both to contemplative and active approaches, and attention will be paid to key texts. Three term hours.

DM 9323. Theology Between God and the Excluded: Challenges to the Church in the Twenty-First Century
A comparison of major modes of contemporary theology in light of the church’s location between God and the increasing numbers of persons excluded from the resources of life. The course will work towards the development of new constructive and inclusive theological paradigms for ministry. Three term hours.

DM 9324. Religion, the Church and Aging
The study of the aging population and the roles that religion and the church play in the lives of older persons. This course will explore sociological and theological foundations including current theories of aging, socio-demographic factors, key life events, and significant resources, including the church and religious faith. Three term hours.

DM 9332. Theological Foundations for Evangelism
An overview and examination of some of the foundational themes and concepts in the contemporary debate about the nature and scope of evangelism. Texts from a variety of perspectives and ecclesial locations will be read and evaluated in order to develop a critically-attained vision of evangelism for the modern church. Three term hours.

DM 9334. Reaching the Unchurched
To develop an understanding of the principles of church growth in order to develop strategies for reaching the unchurched that have theological integrity and practical effectiveness in one’s setting of ministry. Three term hours.

DM 9335. History of American Christianity
A study of the significant historical forces which have shaped the character of religion in the United States, with a review and critical evaluation of major themes and issues in our history which have brought us to the place we are today. The objective of the course is to provide a fresh insight into the mission of the Christian church as it begins a new millennium. Three term hours.

DM 9336. Preaching from the Bible: Job
An exegetical-expository study of the book of Job with reference to pulpit proclamation. Three term hours.

DM 9336. Preaching Biblical Wisdom in a Self-Help Society
A study of the major themes of biblical wisdom literature compared and contrasted with contemporary secular wisdom themes geared toward lively, faithful preaching on wisdom texts. Three term hours.

DM 9337. Creative Sermon Design
An exploration of four creative options for sermon design: inductive, complication/resolution, text-shaped, and narrative. The course will explore the biblical, theological, pastoral and liturgical implications of form. Learning will be achieved by reading and reflecting on the works of contemporary homiletical proponents of various forms, listening to and by preparing and preaching three sermons in class, with peer/professor feedback. Three term hours.

DM 9339. Contemporary Approaches to Educational Ministry
This course intends to examine the contemporary themes that guide the field of Christian Religious Education and identify evidence of these themes in the Church’s practice of educational ministry. Participants will critically examine major texts and approaches proposed by major thinkers. We will scrutinize theoretical and historical aspects of contemporary themes in light of educational practices that we observe in congregations. Emphasis will be given to the contemporary theme of “social transformation.” Three term hours.

DM 9340. Black Church in AmericaThis seminar is a study and appraisal of selected topics in African American Christianity in the United States. The course will combine historical studies and contemporary ministry concerns pertinent to the Black Church as well as the broader Christian community. Three term hours.

DM 9341. Into the Future: Evangelism and Postmodernity
Understanding the ministry with the context of postmodern culture. This course will be a critical evaluation of the conflicting accounts of postmodernity and their implications for evangelism. Attention will be paid to key texts and students will be encouraged to concentrate on evangelistic strategies into the third millennium. Three term hours.

DM 9342. Evangelism and Modern Culture
Understanding the ministry of Evangelism within the context of modern culture. The course will concentrate on three themes: the content of the gospel, the contemporary context of the gospel, and communicating the gospel in modernity and postmodernity. Attention will be paid to key texts and students will be encouraged to evaluate both the gospel in the light of modern culture in the light of the gospel. Three term hours.

DM 9343. Christian Education in an Urbanizing World
An exploration of the distinctive Role of Christian education in helping the church develop new paradigms for justice ministries in an urbanizing world, with special attention to the role of faith-based community development corporations and faith-based community organizing. Three term hours.

DM 9344. Music in Worship and Renewal
This course will focus on recent trends and resources on music and worship in order to gain a historical perspective and greater understanding of the nature and role of congregational song in worship and ways to improve congregational singing. Three term hours.

DM 9346. Urban Ministry: Contexts and Strategies
An examination of the contexts and strategies appropriate for urban ministry in the 21st century. Focus will be on models for understanding the relationships between congregation and community in cities, but attention also will be given to broader national and global forces operating in specific urban settings. Three term hours.

DM 9347. Congregation and Community: Contexts for Ministry
An examination of the foundations, strategies, processes, and implications of contextual analysis for ministry in the 21st century. Focus will be on models for understanding the relationships between congregation and community at the local level, but attention also will be given to broader national and global forces operating in local settings. Three term hours.

DM 9349. Models for Ministry in the Old Testament
The course objectives are: To examine the primary responsibilities and roles of various religious leaders in Ancient Israel, as they are reflected in the various biblical witnesses and from contemporary socio-historical perspectives. To explore how those religious responsibilities and roles influenced and impacted upon each other historically. To explore how these religious and ministerial roles are similar and different from the roles accepted and expected by modern Christian pastors and lay leaders. To reflect upon how the particular roles of “Priest”, “Prophet”, and “Sage” (as they are represented in the Old Testament) may or may not represent valid models for modern Christian ministry. Three term hours.

DM 9350. The Social Ministry of the Church
An examination of the foundations, strategies, and manifestations of the social ministry of the church. Attention will be given to models of social ministries at the local church level as well as non-parish models of response to the social environment. Three term hours.

DM 9351. World Religions and Christianity
A study of world religious traditions, their interaction with Christianity, and their implications for the mission and ministry of the church in the contemporary world. The course examines the global context of ministry, including themes such as poverty and socioeconomic injustice, the ecological crisis, and cultural and religious diversity as issues for theological reflection and interreligious cooperation. Three term hours.

DM 9352. Contemporary Moral Issues
A study of selected moral issues concerning such subjects as abortion, crime and punishment, the environment, sexuality, war and peace, and others. Each issue studies will be examined in relation both to moral-theological questions and to the morally relevant circumstances. Three term hours.

DM 9353. The Practice of Evangelism
A critical examination of fundamental features of evangelistic practice as related expecially to the ministry of evangelism in the local church. Particular attention will be given to the following: evangelistic preaching, faith sharing, catechetical instruction, Christian initiation, and the equipping of the local church members for the tasks of evangelization. Attention will also be given to the working of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Three term hours.

DM 9354. Faith and Money in American Culture
This course is designed to explore issues of faith and money in the cultural context of the United States and to develop a personal and corporate theology of financial stewardship. Three term hours.

DM 9356. Popular Piety in the Ministry of the Church
This course examines the phenomenon of popular piety as it is manifest in selected historical and cultural contexts with the intention of enabling you to discern the forms and significance of “people’s religion” in your context of ministry. The instructor will use certain manifestations of popular piety in Mexico and the Southwest as a device fro provoking the formal questions of definition and theological significance that are relevant in any context of ministry. Three term hours.

DM 9358. The Relevant Church
A critical examination of the evangelistic outreach of the New Testament communities. Focus will be given as to how the three communities represented in the writings of Luke, I Corinthians, and The Pastorals each addressed the needs of its cultural environment. Special attention will be given to the identification of the cultural and contextual issues, the strategy of the writer in addressing those concerns, the impact this strategy had upon the community’s message, catechesis, and community self definition. The participants will learn to identify and clarify the contextual concern and response of each writing through the use of social science models in order to evaluate and develop an intentional outreach and discipleship program in their local parish. Three term hours.

DM 9359.Understanding Congregations: An Introduction to Congregational Studies
A critical introduction to the field of congregational studies through theory and practice. Particular attention will be given to a set of lenses for the analysis of congregations, enabling discernment, appreciation, and understanding of the unique styles, strengths, dynamics, and resources of faith communities. Three term hours.

DM 9364. Christology and Ministry in the Gospels
Three term hours.

DM 9366. Youth Ministry: The Practice of Ministry with Teenagers
This course intends to provide participants with the necessary conceptual and practical skills for developing and implementing an effective youth ministry from a theological perspective. This means psychological, sociocultural, and educational components are to be informed and grounded in the theological understanding of youth ministry, thus a Practical Theology for Youth Ministry. Although the primary focus will be on the church’s ministry with, to, and for youth in rural, urban, and suburban settings, some consideration will be given to youth social agencies. Three term hours.

DM 9367. Spirituality and the Life Cycle
This class is designed as an introduction to the psychological and theological/spiritual issues pastors will encounter in working with individuals in various life stages. These issues include such things as the development of a spiritual voice, individual and community spiritual quests, the intersections of culture, psyche, and religious experience, individual vocational calling, and personal struggles for freedom from oppressive cultural/religious contexts. In addition, the church's role as promoter and inhibitor of spiritual/emotional wellbeing through the life cycle will be explored. Three term hours.

DM 9368. Ministry of Spiritual Guidance
Three term hours.

DM 9369. Leadership in Church and Community
The course is designed to define leadership and study it as a discipline in the church and community. A variety of sources and models will be presented. Special emphases will be given to the leader’s role in planning and in personnel. Leadership institutions and speakers in the Dallas area will be included in the class. Through the class the students will be focused on their own disciplines of leadership for the next decade. Three term hours.

DM 9371. Spiritual Traditions and World Religions
The course will guide Doctor of Ministry students toward an experiential appreciation of key facets of Christian spiritual tradition, and will also offer an introductory study of spiritual practices found in major world religious traditions that may serve as resources for spiritual direction in a multi-religious society. Three term hours.

DM 9372. Speed-Dating Spirituality: Ministry with Young Adults.
This seminar is a theologically critical exploration of the intersection between popular culture and the spiritual beliefs, values and practices of young people ages eighteen to thirty from diverse social contexts. Three term hours.

DM 9375. The Pastor as Seer
Three term hours.

DM 9383. God, Faith, and Dreaming in America
Three term hours.

DM 9384. Faith Development
Three term hours.

DM 9388. Clinical Pastoral Education
Supervised pastoral experience approved by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

DM 9390. Directed Studies
Three term hours.

DM 9393. D.Min. Reading Course
Three term hours.