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Summer 2018

  • May 20 – 30, Malaysia. Christian Witness in Muslim Society - Dr. Robert Hunt (Registration open now until March 1st.)
    • Our group will travel to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Seremban, and Kuala Trengganu to meet with seminary students and church leaders to gain a better understanding of Christian witness in a variety of social settings. We’ll have a chance to visit urban congregations in a modern city larger than Dallas, talk to indigenous church leaders from Malaysia’s aboriginal peoples, confront the reality of living as a Christian in the 99% Muslim east coast of Malaysia, and work together with students from the Seminary Theology Malaysia.

January Term 2019

  • January 2 – 16, Palestine/Israel Immersion, Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles and Dr. Robert Hunt

Spring Break 2019

  • Borderlands Immersion, McAllen. Dr. Hugo Magallanes and Dr. Susanne Johnson

Summer 2019

  • May 19 – 30, Malaysia, Singapore Immersion – Dr. Robert Hunt
  • England Immersion, Dr. Ted Campbell

January Term 2020

  • Palestine/Israel Immersion
  • Homeless Immersion, Waco – Dr. Hugo Magallanes

Spring Break 2020

  • Cuba Immersion

January 2021

  • Palestine/Israel Immersion
  • Borderlands Immersion – Dr Hugo Magallanes, Dr. Susanne Johnson

Spring Break 2021

  • El Salvador Immersion

Participants in immersion courses are required to attend a designated GTE Orientation session.

All immersions outside the U.S. require a U.S. passport valid for six months following the ending date of the immersion. No application will be accepted without a copy of a valid U.S. passport.

For inquiries about the academic content and travel schedules of immersions, please contact the faculty member in charge.

Application forms (for submission to the Global Theological Education office): 

For all other inquiries, contact the Global Theological Education office,

No advance applications will be accepted.

Effective Leadership in a culturally complex world requires a combination of Cultural Intelligence and cross-cultural experience. The Perkins Global Theological Education Program prepares Christian leaders for culturally complex churches and communities. Through seminars and significant immersion experiences in other cultures we prepare our students for lifelong growth in cultural intelligence and cross-cultural competence. Students gain firsthand experience in building intercultural relationships, resolving cultural conflicts, and guiding intercultural ventures.