About Perkins

Executive Board

The Executive Board of Perkins School of Theology provides advice and counsel to the Dean; supports creation of and linkages between faculty, students, and the church community; aids in the recruiting and developing of faculty; monitors the performance of the school; and assists the school in networking on the local, regional and national levels. The membership of the Executive Board shall include Trustees, former Trustees, alumni, faculty from other institutions, leaders in the professions or disciplines relating to the school, and developmental prospects.

The Board is constituted with due regard to the commitment of the University to diversity with respect to race and ethnicity, age, gender, geographic origin, vocation, and philosophical orientation. Members of the Executive Board shall be appointed by the President after consultation with the Chair of the Executive Board and the dean or director, and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Rev. Dr. L. James Bankston
Manvel, TX

Mr. John G. Beall
Dallas, TX

Mr. Michael M. Boone (Chair of Board of Trustees)
Dallas, TX

Mr. Talmage Boston
Dallas, TX

Dr. Tim Bruster
Fort Worth, TX

Pastor Richie L. Butler
Richardson, TX

Rev. Dr. Kim Cape 
Nashville, TN

Mr. Brad Cheves
Vice President Southern Methodist University ex officio

Rev. Mark Craig
Dallas, TX 

Ms. Dodee Crockett (Co-Vice Chair)
Wimberley, TX 

Mr. John W. Croft
Dallas, TX

Provost Steven Currall
Southern Methodist University ex officio

Mr. David Dunnigan
Dallas, TX

Rev. Richard W. Edwards
Fort Worth, TX

Rev. D. Anthony Everett
Lexington, KY

Mr. Mike Fenton
Waxahachie, TX

Dr. Dan L. Flanagan
Papillion, NE

Rev. Gail Ford Smith
Houston, TX

Mrs. Judy W. Gibbs
Dallas, TX

Dr. C. Robert Hasley, Jr.
Plano, TX

Dean Craig C. Hill
Perkins School of Theology ex officio

Ms. Susanna Johnson
Arlington, TX

Bishop Scott Jones
Houston, TX

Ms. Missy Kincaid
Fayetteville, AR

Mr. Stanley R. Levenson
Dallas, TX

Dr. Charles L. Lloyd, Jr.
Dallas, TX

Mr. Thomas R. Locke
Austin, TX

Rev. Katherine Glaze Lyle
Dallas, TX

Bishop L. Michael McKee (Chair)
Plano, TX

Mr. Wesley D. Millican
Southlake, TX 

Rev. Dr. Charles R. Millikan
Houston, TX

Rev. James W. Moore
Fairview, TX

Rev. Steven Bradley Morgan
Texarkana, TX

Ms. Ruth G. Palmer
Houston, TX

Mr. John T. Palter 
Dallas, TX 

Rev. Dr. Sheron C. Patterson (Co-Vice Chair)
Dallas, TX

Rev. Paul Rasmussen
Dallas, TX

Ms. Lisa Remack
Saint Louis, MO

Mr. Trice Ragon Richey
Dallas, TX

Rev. Susan Robb
Dallas, TX

Rev. Linda S. Roby
Dallas, TX

Mr. Robert F. Sanford
Gunter, TX

Mr. John Seddelmeyer 
Dallas, TX

Ms. Gay Ferguson Solomon
Dallas, TX

President R. Gerald Turner
Southern Methodist University ex-officio

Mrs. Annette K. Vaughn
Dallas, TX

Ms. Patti Waterbury
Plano, TX

Rev. Dr. Michael Waters
Dallas, TX

Ms. Barbara Cook Wendland
Temple, TX

Mrs. Jane Allman Wetzel
Dallas, TX

Ms. Sarah Wilke
Nashville, TN

Ms. Julie Yarbrough
Dallas, TX

Mrs. Kay Prothro Yeager
Wichita Falls, TX