The Student Perspective

Student testimonials

  • I have been fortunate to have many impactful experiences throughout law school, but few, if any, have impacted me in the way the clinic has … the Hunter Clinic has made me feel much more prepared to step into an attorney role. - Brooke Olsen 18
  • I saw the true impact my work had on someone’s life and that was the most rewarding thing for me. I am grateful to have experienced that moment through the Clinic. It will be a moment that I cherish throughout my legal career. - Sachi Dave 18
  • "My experience in clinic has shaped the way I view social justice and advocacy for clients.
    Hands down the best part of my law school career." - Tiffany Clark 17
  • "The Hunter Clinic is the only place in law school where we really learned about how to effectively interact with and address the legal needs of clients. The entire experience was fundamental in rounding out my legal education. - Aubry Talkington 16
  • "The clinic is like a slice of real-life practice in a controlled setting. Real frustration. Real problems. Real clients. - Chime Nwikoro 17
  • "I never thought that I'd be applying what I learned in a contracts drafting course to my work for the Hunter Legal Center - but I did just that." - Monica Harasim 17
  • "I am so very grateful to the SMU Legal Clinics for a myriad of reasons, including the Clinics’ ability to remind law students that there is a world at our doorstep where people desperately need legal services to help them secure the most basic fundamental life necessities." - Will Stovall 17

Examples of Our Work


Educating law enforcement officers and advocates at the Conference on Crimes Against Women


Victorious after obtaining an Order of Protection for our client, a survivor of domestic violence


Conducting a training for New Friends New Life on trafficking survivors' eligibility for orders of non-disclosure.


Overseeing filming of an educational video about domestic violence created for the Vickery Meadow Learning Center.