Students enrolled in classes

If you are a student and have never worked at SMU, please complete the Student Additional Form and all the forms in the Student Employee New Hire Packet. Please return the forms to your manager before you start working. If you have worked for SMU within the past year, you only need to complete the Student Additional Form.  Do not start working until all your forms have been turned in. The I-9 form must be completed in the HR Department, located in Expressway Towers, 6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75206. 

International Students enrolled in classes

Law School supervisor should print out the International Student Worker Checklist and the International Student Worker Work Eligibility Form, and fill out the appropriate information on the Eligibility Form.  The student should then follow the remaining directions on the Checklist.

Students NOT enrolled in classes and Temporary Employees

If you are not enrolled in classes the semester you are working, then you are considered a temporary employee. Please complete the Authorization and Consent for Release of Information form and take it to the HR Department. After the completion of the background check, HR will send an authorization to make an offer to you for employment. When you have received an offer to work from the department head, you will need to print out the Temporary Staff Employee Packet. Please submit the completed forms to your manager.

Managers will submit all completed payroll forms to the Shared Services mailbox located in the mailroom in Storey Hall.

You will record your time on under the Self Service link.

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