ExamSoft FAQs

Where can I get assistance with Examplify installation and registration, downloading exam file(s) to my computer, taking a Mock Exam, and uploading my Mock Exam?
If you need assistance with an Examplify-related issue, visit ExamSoft's Contact and Solution Center.

From what website do I download and install Examplify?
SMU law students login to their ExamSoft account at http://www.examsoft.com/smulaw to download and install Examplify. 

What is my ExamSoft account login?
Your Exam Taker Student ID is your SMU ID number without the hyphen. To find your Exam Taker Password, login to the Exam PINs search using your SMU ID and password, and scroll down to the bottom of the Exam PIN results web page.

Do I need to reinstall Examplify this semester if I already have it installed from a previous year?
tudents must (re)install Examplify and pay the annual license fee every fall semester. You can reinstall Examplify again, if needed, during the academic year without paying another license fee.

When does my Examplify license expire?
Examplify licenses expire annually on August 31.

Do I need to reinstall Examplify each semester?
No, but you should reinstall Examplify at least annually in the fall semester. The latest version is 2.8, and you should take Spring 2022 exams with version 2.8 or later.

What should I do if Examplify prompts me to reinstall when I launch it?
If Examplify prompts you to reinstall it or to install Examplify updates, you must allow Examplify to so, and then re-register Examplify in order for it to be operational.

Is the ExamSoft Exam Taker password and the Exam PIN number the same?
No. Your Exam PIN number is your unique personal identification number (PIN) used on your exam answers in lieu of your name or SMU ID number. Your Exam PIN number is automatically entered in the "Exam ID" blank when you select your exam in Examplify. Use your Exam Taker Password to log into your Exam Taker account (http://www.examsoft.com/smulaw) in order to download and install Examplify, download your exam file(s) to your computer, manually upload your exam, or view your exam download/upload history.

Does the Law School provide laptops for law students to install Examplify to take their laptop exams on?

Can I install Examplify on a borrowed laptop to take exams?
Yes, as long as the laptop meets the criteria below.

  • You can use another student's laptop only if Examplify is not already installed on the laptop.
  • The laptop must meet the minimum system requirements to install Examplify.
  • You must have administrative-level rights on the laptop you are using to be able to install and run Examplify to take exams. Business laptops with encryption and without administrative-level rights may not be used to take exams.
  • If you borrow a laptop to take your exams, you must make a backup copy of your exam and log files before returning the laptop. Also, do not uninstall Examplify from the laptop until you received your course grades. 

Can I use Examplify on a netbook, tablet computer or iPad?

ExamSoft does not support tablet or convertible devices other than Surface Pro, Surface Books and Surface Laptops (Non-Pro Surface devices are NOT supported).

When I attempt to download my exam file(s), one of them is missing. What should I do?
If your exam file is not available to download, try the following:

  • If you have not used Examplify this academic school year, make sure you sign into your Exam Taker account at www.examsoft.com/smulaw, pay your license fee, and download and install the latest version of Examplify software.
    • If you have already done this, click the “Refresh Exam List” button in Examplify.
  • You can also try clicking the HOME MENU drop-down (located at the top, right-hand corner in Examplify), select “Settings”, and click the “Clear Registration” button. Restart Examplify, and when prompted, type smulaw for the Institution, and sign in using your ExamSoft credentials.

If your exam file(s) is still not available to download, send an e-mail to dseiter@smu.edu for assistance. 

What do I do if I am prepared to take exams on my computer but decide to handwrite some or all of them instead?
If you have installed Examplify and downloaded your exam files to your computer (as required), send an email to the Registrar at lawregis@smu.edu with the course name and the professor's name for the exam(s) you decided to handwrite.

My computer has a hardware or software problem during the laptop exam registration period and I cannot install Examplify. What do I do?
Notify ExamSoft Support as soon as possible before the exam registration deadline. 

My computer stopped working after I have completed all requirements to take laptop exams. What do I do?
If your computer stops working after installing Examplify, or during the exam period, send a message to ExamSoft Support or dseiter@smu.edu and request a time for them to assist you in finding a resolution. 

When I turn on my computer to take an exam, Windows updates are installing. What do I do?
If Windows updates begin installing when you turn your computer on to launch Examplify, you must wait until the Windows updates installation finishes before proceeding. If your computer prompts you to restart it after the installation, you must allow it to restart. We highly recommend that you disable Windows updates before you install Examplify and re-enable Windows updates when the exam period ends. This will prevent the issue, as well as prevent a possible Examplify conflict after you install it.

After I complete my exam, when must I upload my exam file?
You are required to upload your exam file immediately after the exam ends. If you receive an error message, verify your Internet connection is working, and try again. If necessary, restart your computer, confirm your Internet connection, and open Examplify to initiate the upload again. (Your encrypted exam file is saved on your computer, and the file will not be lost when restarting the computer.) If you need assistance uploading your exam file, contact Debbie Seiter at dseiter@smu.edu.