Senate President

President of the Faculty Senate 2022-2023:


Robert (Rob) Frank

Associate Professor of Music Composition and Theory

Office:Owens Arts Center 2018
Tel: 214.768.2142


President Bio:


Rob Frank joined the faculty at SMU in 1997, where he serves as an Associate Professor of Music Composition and Theory (tenured), and Director of Electronic Music.  He has served on many university committees as member of the faculty senate, Chair/Co-Chair of the Department of Music Theory and Composition (1998-2017), and as Director of Graduate Studies in the Division of Music (2009-2015). He holds degrees from Minnesota State University (B.A. and B.M.) and the University of North Texas (M.M. and D.M.A.) and has served on the faculty at the University of North Texas and Central Washington University prior to joining SMU.  He has also worked in the retail and computer consulting fields prior to his academic career and has a great interest in Music Cognition, Physics, and Aerospace Engineering.


His orchestral works have been performed worldwide, including at Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, The Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, the Mozarteum at the opening of the 2005 Salzburg Summer Music Festival, and even the Kremlin in Moscow. He is also a computer music programmer and composer, with his software, research papers, and music selected for presentation on conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad in Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, the rain forests of Costa Rica, and festivals in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan. His concerto for Yamaha Disklavier (computer controlled grand piano) with live soloist and orchestra, Der Mozartgeist, was featured as the highlight, closing work at the 2006 International Computer Music Conference, featuring SMU Meadows Dean Sam Holland on piano. Rob has more than sixty original compositions (published by Cimarron Music Press and Robert Frank Music), several scholarly articles, and co-authored Fundamentals for the Aspiring Musician (Routledge, 2010), for which he also designed and programmed the interactive user interface for its eText.  His current research is in Temporal Elements in Music along with the exploration of Musical Tesseracts and Multidimensional music.


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