Course equivalencies can be found using the Equivalency Course Tool. If you don't see a course listed, it doesn't mean it's not transferable - only that SMU has not had the opportunity to review it. Please email questions about specific courses to Transfer and Transition Services. Keep in mind that SMU accepts transfer courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Vocational and remedial courses are not transferable.
Once Undergraduate Admission receives a completed transfer application, a Transfer Evaluation Report is created based on your transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended.  Your admission counselor reviews this report and the rest of your application to make an admission decision. Once admitted, this Transfer Evaluation Report will be emailed to you and posted in your my.SMU account.
Yes. Once you have found the course you intend to take using the Equivalency Course Tool, use the print feature to print a copy of the equivalency for your records. Before enrolling in the course, however, read all transfer credit policies carefully to ensure you understand grades needed for transfer and other policies governing transfer courses.
If a course does not appear on an equivalency guide, the course will be evaluated once we receive an official college transcript.  If you are planning for a future transfer, email Transfer and Transition Services to ask if your course will transfer.
Courses taught electronically or in hybrid (meaning partly electronic or partly face-to-face) format are acceptable provided that they meet all other requirements for transfer.  For continuing SMU students, consult your academic records office to complete an advanced approval petition
Pre-matriculation means before enrolling as an official SMU student. Post-matriculation means after a student has officially enrolled at SMU. A student's matriculation date is the date they begin coursework at the University.

SMU awards credit for selective Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. Credit is also awarded for The General Certificate of Education A-Level (United Kingdom), The Baccalaureate (France), The Abitur (Germany) and the Italian Maturita (Italy).

SMU also awards credit for departmental examinations offered in a variety of disciplines. Credit for examinations awarded by other institutions will not transfer to SMU.

The credit by examination page in the SMU catalog lists scores required and credit awarded for these exams.

Upon admission, a Transfer Evaluation Report is emailed to your SMU email address which is assigned when you are admitted.  Your admission portal has information on accessing your SMU email address.
If a course on the Transfer Evaluation Report receives an evaluation of NTCN (non-transferable due to content) or NTXX (non-transferable needing more information), and you believe it should be transferable, fill out a Reevaluation of Transfer Credit form and upload a syllabus for the course.  We’ll take care of the rest! 
Equivalent courses are determined by the school at SMU under which the course falls. A review of the course includes the course description, textbooks used, course objectives, assignments, number of credit hours, course prerequisites, and program quality. 
Here’s a real bargain!  For a one-time $5 fee, you can get a transit pass to ride DART, TRE rail and T buses free while you are an SMU student.  For more information, visit Parking and ID Services and click on “DART Transit Passes.”
Yes.  Check out the BIKE LEASE PROJECT. Lease a single speed bike for $20 a semester.
Student apartments on campus are arranged through the office of Residence Life and Student Housing.  These are in high demand, with a twice-a-year lottery to get on the waiting list for a vacancy.  Click here for more information.

There are many housing options around campus. Click here to find out more.

Students who live in nearby off-campus apartments can take the SMU Express, from nearby neighborhoods.  Click here for a map of the route, which runs as far away as Amesbury and Southwestern Boulevards. 

The commuter lounge, located on the second floor of the Hughes Trigg Student Center, offers a comfortable place to relax, study, or meet friends between classes. The lounge also contains rental lockers where you can store your belongings for the day. Locker rentals for a semester or the year, can be made at the Hughes Trigg Mane Desk.
There is no charge to see a nurse or doctor at SMU’s Dr. Bob Smith Health Center.  You are charged only if you need tests, an X-ray, or a prescription.  Click here for hours, services, and specialists.
Information on downloading the "Handshake" app which lists student employment is found on the Office of Financial Aid's website. Once registered, you'll find listings for summer jobs, internships, and on-campus employment. The Hegi Family Career Development Center also offers free services that can help you choose a major, write a resume, or prepare for an interview.  Visit the Center near the main entry to Hughes-Trigg Student Center or call 214-768-2266.
There are actually ten of them and each library has a different atmosphere.  Click here for information on locations, hours, services, and research resources.   SMU's main library, Fondren Library, offers many study areas and private rooms you can reserve.  There's even a Starbucks! Make an appointment with a librarian for a tour or for help with research. 
Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports offers everything from workout equipment to a pool to a climbing wall.  You can take yoga or spin classes, join a club sport, or find an intramural team.  There is no charge for students, and a minimal charge for your family members. 
Contact your academic advisor assigned to you at Transfer AARO (i.e. Transfer Orientation).