First Year Transfer Student

First-year transfer students are those students who have fewer than 30 transferable hours or who have graduated from high school within the last calendar year. If three or more years have passed since your high school graduation, we highly recommend that you acquire 30 or more transferable hours before you transfer.

All first-year transfer students will be automatically considered for first year academic-based scholarships based on your high school academic performance, including high school GPA, curriculum, and SAT or ACT test score. In order to qualify for transfer scholarships you must complete at least half of the 50-hour requirement after your high school graduation.

In addition to evaluating your college course work and transferable GPA, the Admission Committee will also review your high school curriculum, high school GPA and standardized test scores. Your official test scores will need to be submitted directly from College Board or the ACT unless they are reported on your official high school transcript. The Admission Committee can begin review of your application after receiving all official college transcripts, but may not be able to make a final admission decision until your high school transcript and test scores have been received. All transfer students are required to complete college algebra or a college-level math course before transferring to SMU. If algebra I, geometry and algebra II were taken in high school and graduation was less than three years ago, this requirement is waived.