Commencement Participation 

An All-University Commencement Convocation is held in May for students enrolled and on schedule to complete degree requirements during the spring term. Students enrolled and on schedule to complete all degree requirements during the following summer session may also participate in the University Commencement Convocation, although their degrees will not be conferred until August. Students may also participate in departmental or school ceremonies following the University commencement according to the policies of the departments or schools.

An All-University December Commencement Convocation is held each  year for students completing degree requirements during the fall term. Students who completed degree requirements during the previous summer session may also participate.  Students on schedule and enrolled to complete all degree requirements during the following Jan Term (January) intersession may also participate in the December ceremony, although their degrees will not be conferred until January.

A student may participate once in either the All-University Commencement Convocation in May or the All-University December Commencement Convocation for a given degree, but not both.

To participate in a ceremony, a student must apply online and file with their school's records office an Application for Candidacy to Graduate or Intent to Participate Form.

To Apply for Graduation:

Applications for Candidacy to Graduate are made available through your school of record. Please contact your graduation adviser. Students will apply for graduation online through the Student Center on my.SMU. You will be contacted by your school of record informing you that you are eligible to apply for graduation. If you have any questions, please contact your school of record.

Last date to file for Summer 2019 graduation - June 6, 2019
Last date to file for Fall 2019 graduation - August 30, 2019
Last date to file for Spring 2020 graduation - January 24, 2020

A $30 late fee may be applied to a student’s account when the Registrar’s Office receives an Application for Candidacy to Graduate (ACG) after the conferral date noted in the SMU academic catalog.

Students in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution or Master of Science in Counseling programs should contact SMU-in-Plano for filing dates.

Degree Certification and Apostille

International companies or institutions may require a certified copy of a diploma for the purpose of employment or to attend educational institutions. The University Registrar’s Office can assist you in obtaining the degree certifications. SMU degree certifications are accepted both domestically and internationally.  You can order a Degree Certification (Apostille) or Transcript certification through the RO MarketPlace.

If you have in your possession your diploma:

You may bring your diploma to the University Registrar's Office located in the Laura Lee Blanton Building, Room 101. The University Registrar’s Office will provide a set of three notarized copies of your diploma for a fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) (order and pay through the RO MarketPlace). The documents include the signature of the Associate Registrar, the Notary’s seal, signature, and expiration date of the Notary. If you cannot bring the diploma in, please mail the diploma to either address below.

USPS Mailing Address
University Registrar
Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750181
Dallas, TX 75275-0181

Delivery Address
Southern Methodist University
Laura Lee Blanton Building, Suite 300
6185 Airline Rd
Dallas, TX 75205

If you do not have access to your diploma or it's no longer available:

A replacement diploma will need to be ordered through the RO MarketPlace. It may take 3-4 weeks for the new diploma to arrive. Once the University Registrar’s Office has received your diploma, we will then begin the degree certification process.

The Apostille seal is affixed to the documents by the Secretary of State’s Office in Austin, Texas. For the mailing address and price information for the Apostille, please visit the Texas Secretary of State Office website and complete forms 2101 and 2102 listed on item 2 - Authentications Unit.

Once the certifications have been processed and notarized by the University Registrar’s Office, the following options are available for obtaining the Apostille:

For additional assistance please contact Jackie Wilborn, Manager of Diploma Services at or 214-768-2048.

Diploma Names

A student may request a name change on his/her diploma provided it meets the University requirements as stated below.

The name that will appear on the graduate's diploma will be selected from the following:

  • The legal name listed in my.SMU.
  • The "Primary" name in my.SMU is the field which will be used to print on the diploma.
  • The "Preferred" name is not an option to be printed on the diploma.

The "Degree" name can include the following:

  • A first name may be shortened to an initial (e.g. Larry is now "L").
  • An initial can be expanded (e.g., J is now Judy).
  • A middle name can be added that is not currently listed in my.SMU (e.g., John Doe is now John "Michael" Doe).

With the exceptions above, first and last name changes cannot be removed, altered, or printed on a diploma without proper documentation that the name change has legally occurred. This is verified via the social security number (SSN) or a valid passport.

A student should provide either an original Social Security Card (or the form issued by the Social Security Administration verifying that application has been made) or a valid passport. A student may take either document to the University Registrar and a copy will be made. The original document will immediately be returned to the student.

The University Registrar is located in the Laura Blanton Student Services Bldg., Room 101, 6185 Airline Rd.

Office hours are as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday - 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A student may also mail a notarized copy of the social security card. The notary stamp must be visible.

USPS Mailing Address
University Registrar
Southern Methodist University
PO BOX 750181
Dallas, TX 75275-0181

Degree Honors

The minimum graduation honors GPA's are announced in October for each academic year. The minimum GPA's represent the top 5 percent, 10 percent, and 15 percent in the five undergraduate schools – Cox, Dedman (including Evening Studies), Lyle, Meadows, and Simmons.

Click here to learn more about Degree Honors

Diploma Mailings


Summer 2019 Degrees

Summer diplomas will be mailed to the student's home address in late August. Please make sure to check my.SMU to verify you have a correct HOME or DIPLOMA address listed. 

** Graduate Cox degrees will be posted Friday, August 16, 2019**

Fall 2019 Degrees

Fall diplomas will be mailed to the student's home address in late January. Please make sure to check my.SMU to verify you have a correct HOME or DIPLOMA address listed 

Spring 2020 Degrees

Students participating in the May Diploma Presentation ceremonies who have no outstanding financial holds will receive their diplomas at that time.

If you are unable to attend, you may pick up your diploma from the University Registrar’s Office (Blanton Student Services bldg., room 101) on Thursday, May 21, 2020 beginning at 2pm.

Transcripts with degrees posted will be available beginning Friday, May 22, 2020 at 2pm. 

Remaining diplomas will be mailed to your HOME or DIPLOMA address on Monday, June 1, 2020.  

Please make sure to check my.SMU to verify you have a correct address listed.

NOTE: Candidates who owe money to the University may not receive their diploma until their account has been cleared.


Diploma Information and Size

Diplomas contain the graduate's name, degree name, conferral date, signature of the academic Dean(s), and the officials who are currently in office.

Majors are not printed on the diplomas. However, a diploma with majors printed is available for purchase through the RO MarketPlace.

Diplomas are printed in the two sizes below:
Undergraduate diplomas are 8 ½ x 11.
Graduate and Professional diplomas are 11 x 14.

Current Students

Graduation candidates who successfully complete degree requirements are awarded degrees through their academic school of record. The University Registrar orders diplomas at the conclusion of each academic term. With the exception of May candidates, diplomas are mailed directly from the vendor to the candidate’s address that is provided in my.SMU. Students are notified via e-mail when their diplomas have been shipped.

Replacement Diploma

You may order an additional copy of your diploma through the RO MarketPlace. If you wish to have your major printed on a replacement copy, this option is available.

Statute of Limitations for Degree Plans

A student who has been readmitted to the University following an absence of more than three years will be expected to meet all current requirements for graduation.