Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board is tasked with formulating the goals of the SMU Tower Center, for establishing general policies and programs in harmony therewith, for reviewing and evaluating the progress of the various programs, for recommending the appointment of professional personnel, and for approving the Tower Center Budget. It is made up of the Tower Center Directors, the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Dean of Dedman College, the Chair of the Political Science Department, and seven other appointed SMU faculty members.  

Frederick Chang
Bobby B. Lyle Endowed Centennial Distinguished Chair in Cyber Security
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Director, Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security

Jeffrey Engel
Associate Professor of History
Director of the Center for Presidential History

James Hollifield
Professor of Political Science
Ora Nixon Arnold Professor in International Political Economy
Academic Director of the SMU Tower Center

Dennis Ippolito
Chair of Political Science Department
Eugene McElvaney Professor of Political Science
Director of Public Policy

Maribeth Kuenzi
Associate Professor of Management
Director of the Niemi Center

Thomas Osang
Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor

Harold Stanley
Vice President for Executive Affairs
Geurin-Pettus Distinguished Chair in American Politics and Political Economy

Hiroki Takeuchi
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director of the SMU Tower Center Sun & Star Program on Japan and East Asia 

Ex Officio Advisors 

Dan Branch
Chairman of the SMU Tower Center Board of Directors

Luisa del Rosal
Executive Director of the SMU Tower Center &
SMU Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center

Thomas DiPiero
Dean of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences