International Film Studies Minor

Students pursuing an international film studies minor study international history, politics, and culture through film. Students also develop skills in visual and narrative analysis and in analytical writing. Students may choose to combine film courses from diverse film traditions or to specialize in one or two film traditions.

Students pursuing the minor in international film studies who are also pursuing a major in film and media arts must take one additional elective course from the approved electives list to complete the minor. This course may not be double-counted toward the major in film and media arts.

Requirements for the Minor

Core Courses (9 Credit Hours)

  • FILM 1301 - Art of Film and Media
  • FILM 2301 - Film and Media Criticism
  • FILM 3351 - International Film History

Language Requirement: (3-4 Credit Hours)

Completion of the intermediate level in one language chosen from the following. Students, including heritage and native speakers, who place into a language above the 2000 level must complete one advanced language course at the 3000 level and above in order to pursue the minor in international film studies. If this course appears in the list of "Elective Courses," note that it cannot double count as an advanced language and an elective course.

  • ARBC 2302- Intermediate Arabic II
  • CHIN 2402 - Intermediate Chinese: Second Term
  • FREN 2302 - Intermediate French II
  • GERM 2312 - Culture, Grammar, and Literature
  • ITAL 2302 - Intermediate Italian: Second Term
  • JAPN 2402 - Intermediate Japanese: Second Term
  • LATN 2312 - Second-Year Latin: Second Term
  • RUSS 2351 - Intermediate Russian II
  • SPAN 2302 - Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 2323 – Intermediate Spanish II for Heritage Speakers

Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours)

Two courses from the following:

  • CHIN 4382 - Chinese Culture and Society in Films
  • FREN 3365 - Contemporary French Cinema
  • GERM 4350 - History, Culture, and Identity in Postwar German Film
  • HIST 2314 - On the Edges of Empire: India and Mexico/American Southwest
  • SPAN 4365 - Spanish American Film
  • WL 3309 - French Cinema: 1945 to the Present
  • WL 3330 - Migration, Occupation, and Independence in North African Cinema
  • WL 3355 - Tradition, Community, and Identity in African Cinema
  • WL 3360 - Immigrant Representations in Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • WL 3371 - Latin America Through Film
  • WL 3387 – Japanese Culture Through Film (effective Spring 2022)
  • WL 3390 - Italian Cinema
  • WL 3326 - Introduction to French Cinema

Total: 18-19 Credit Hours

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