The Japanese program offers students the opportunity to explore the language and culture of  Japan, a society of fascinating tradition and one of the most vital economic powers in the contemporary world.

Why Study Japanese?

1. Japan has one of the top five economies in the world

The U.S. and Japan have a strong economic relationship that accounts for over 30% of the world's domestic product. The U.S.-Japan bilateral economic relationship influences economic conditions in other countries, and the two countries share interests in terms of both trade and national security.

2. Japan is a leader in innovation, design, and engineering

Japanese pop culture exerts a tremendous influence around the world through its technological, musical, culinary, and other cultural products, including anime, sushi, video games, Hello Kitty, Sudoku, karaoke, pop music, fashion, manga, martial arts, and origami. 

3. Studying Japanese improves your communication skills 

Your study of Japanese will teach you how to read non-verbal cues and will expose you to multiple perspectives that will give you skills in relating to people different from yourself and processing new ideas that are different from your own.

4. Japan has a rich cultural heritage

Japan is home to 19 World Heritage sites and countless Buddhist shrines and temples; your study of the Japanese language will give you a unique perspective into Japanese culture, history, customs, and values.

5. Japanese is one of the top 5 most studied languages in the United States.

While enrollments in most languages are stable or have even decreased, the number of students studying Japanese in the United States has increased by 3.1% since 2013.