Take pre-approved coursework elsewhere

Dependent on prior approval from the World Languages & Literatures Department, students may complete language coursework at another accredited four-year institution. Before taking the course, students must submit the Undergraduate Petition for Advance Approval of Transfer Work: Second Language. Please attach the syllabus for the petitioned course for the correct term. The form must be signed by the student and the student’s Academic Advisor before submission to the WLL Department.

Download the Advance Approval Form

Please note:

  • Students on UC 2016 must take all post-matriculation language courses at a four-year institution.
  • Students with two or more years of high school study of the petitioned language will not be approved to take first-semester courses for use in fulfilling the Second Language Requirement.
  • Students who begin their language coursework at SMU are ineligible to petition a language course outside of the university to satisfy the Second Language Requirement.
  • Students cannot complete their Second Language Requirement abroad (except through SMU-in-Tuscany, SMU-in-France, and SMU-in-Costa Rica).