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October 2018 Newsletter: Volume 20, Issue 2

April 2018 Newsletter: Volume 20, Issue 1

October 2017 Newsletter: Volume 19, Issue 1

January 2017 Newsletter: Volume 18, Issue 3

October 2016 Newsletter: Volume 18, Issue 2 

September 2016 Newsletter: Volume 18, Issue 1

April 2016 Newsletter Volume 17, Issue 2



ASA Council of Chapters Traveling Course

Past Meetings/History

November 19, 2015 Meeting

  • Cost-Effectiveness in Health: A Statistical Perspective
  • Speaker: Daniel F. Heitjan, Ph.D., SMU and UTSW (abstract)

October 19, 2015 ASA Council of Chapter Traveling Course

  • Design and Analysis of Research Studies Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models
  • Speaker:  Professor Walt Stroup, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (abstract)

April 23, 2015 Meeting

  • Degradation Modelling and Associated Issues
  • Speaker N. Balakrishnan, Ph.D., McMaster University (abstract)

February 27, 2015   Meeting in conjunction with Schucany Lecture Series

  • Learning from the Experience of Others
  • Speaker:  Bradley Efron, Ph.D., Stanford University
  • Abstract:  Familiar statistical estimates such as batting averages, political polls, and medical trial results are obtained by direct observation of cases of interest.  Sometimes, though, we can learn from the experience of "others" for instance there maybe information about Player A's batting ability in the observed averages of Players, B, C, D.  I will present several examples showing how this works in practice, indicating some of the surprising theoretical ideas involved.  The talk is mainly descriptive in nature, and is intended for a general scientific audience.

Chapter Officers

President – Hon Keung (Tony) Ng
Vice-President/Program officer – Sy Han (Steven) Chiou
Secretary and Treasurer – Yahya A.H. Daoud
Chapter Representative – Julia Kozlitina
Administrative Assistant – Sheila Crain