M.S. in Organizational Psychology

Accelerated Program

The Masters of Science in Organizational Psychology is an accelerated degree program for individuals interested in human resources, employee training, marketing and sales, or organizational development. This 36 credit hour M.S. degree program prepares graduates to bring psychological knowledge into the workplace or organizations. The degree program is open to SMU undergraduates. Students not majoring in psychology should plan to take additional specific psychology courses prior to beginning the program.

Program Timeline:


Sophomore Year – Meet with undergraduate advisor to discuss courses beneficial to the program.
Junior Year – Apply for the program in your spring semester.
Senior Year – Enroll in the two required fall/spring undergraduate courses.


Enroll in required May term class.
Enroll in required summer course.
Enroll in graduate internship.
Enroll in two semesters of full-time graduate courses. Courses are in the Psychology Department, the Cox School of Business, and for the electives, multiple other SMU schools or departments.  

Application form Recommendation form



Undergraduate Senior Year


Fall 2019


Spring 2020

PSYC 6381


PSYC 6382



Graduate Summer


May Term 2020


Summer 2020

PSYC 6383


PSYC 6391



Graduate Year


Fall 2020


Spring 2021

PSYC 6384


PSYC 6386

PSYC 6385


PSYC 6392

Elective #1


Elective #2

Module A

Module B


MNO 6201



Module A

Module B


MNO 6214