Why Study Here?

The SMU Department of Psychology equips students with a superior academic foundation and positions them as priority candidates in the job market.

For students interested in human behavior, SMU’s Department of Psychology provides many opportunities. B.A. and B.S. degrees as well as minors in cognitive science and neuroscience are offered. In addition to taking classes covering a wide spectrum of psychological topics (ranging from abnormal, social, cognitive, developmental to forensic and organizational), students have the option of working with an award-winning and innovative faculty in their research labs. Courses and research experiences focus on skill development to provide students with the expertise needed to open doors for future employment in a variety of field as well as graduate study in psychology.

Internationally Recognized Faculty

Outstanding, energetic faculty committed to research, teaching, and service. Faculty research span a range of topics from family relationships to mental illnesses.
Research and Internship Opportunities study group at conference table

Research and Internship Opportunities

Undergraduate students can work for course credit as research assistants (RAs) for faculty members.
Diverse Coursework Faculty teaching class

Diverse Coursework

Psychology students learn about the bases of human behavior (both normal and abnormal behavior), so that they can better understand self and others.