Program Timeline

The 36-hour program is designed to be taken over 1.5 years. 

In Year 1, the Fall and Spring semesters are for required coursework and electives. 

The Summer term is designed for internship (full time paid positions for 8-10 weeks).

The final Fall semester is dedicated to remaining required coursework and electives.

The application deadline is March 1. You will need to complete a Graduate Studies application. We do require an application, official transcript, and two letters of recommendation. The GRE is not required.

You will take PSYC 6381 in the fall of your first year and PSYC 6382 in the spring of that year. Since you have a Bachelor’s degree already, you will be able to take your elective courses this year. In certain occasions, students may be granted permission to take the three MNO courses in the first year.

You will take PSYC 6383 in the summer after the first year. We currently only offer this course in the summer. You will not need to take any additional electives if you completed them during the year. There are numerous competitive internship opportunities that you can do during this summer as well.

During the second year of the program you will finish the Psychology and MNO Core courses. All courses should be finished by the end of the spring semester to qualify for May graduation.

Course Requirements

The MS in Organizational Psychology requires 36 hours across Psychology Core courses, Management and Organizations Core courses (MNO department in the Cox School of Business at SMU), elective courses, and at least one internship.

PSYC 6381 Advanced Applied Social Psychology

PSYC 6382 Organizational Theory and Development

PSYC 6383 Ethical, Legal, and Diversity Issues at Work

PSYC 6384 Applied Research Methods and Analysis in Organizational Psychology

PSYC 6385 Assessment: Individual Differences

PSYC 6386 Assessment: Programs

PSYC 6387 Professional Issues and Practice in Organizational Psychology

PSYC 6388 Employee Recruitment and Selection

PSYC 6391 Internship

MNO 6202 Leading Teams and Organizations

MNO 6214 Strategic Management of Human Capital

MNO 6219 People and Organizational Analytics


Bachelor’s Degree Holders

Although the program was initially designed to provide an accelerated pathway to the MS for current SMU undergraduates, we will consider applications from prospective students who have a Bachelor’s degree in hand on a space available basis. Although you will not be able to get the benefits of the accelerated nature, you will be taking the same courses and earning the same degree.

Students are only admitted to the program on a full-time, in-person basis. This is a campus-based program that does not currently offer online courses. Most of the courses are scheduled during regular weekday hours so we are limited in accommodating students who are working full time and looking for courses scheduled primarily at nights or on weekends. Several elective courses are offered outside the workweek but all the Psychology and most Management and Organizations core courses are offered during typical work week hours.