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Clear, Deep, Dark

January 26 - March 11, 2018
Hawn Gallery

Our current exhibition Clear, Deep, Dark features new works by Julie Morel. Morel’s work examines the intersections between text and visual imagery. She utilizes technology, books, typography and drawings to realize the relationships between text and image. Another important aspect of Morel’s projects is that they are never insular. Most involve collaborations with other artists, writers, and designers. The exhibition will include new works created for the Hawn Gallery as well as pieces previously shown in galleries abroad from her AFK and Electrical Drawings series.

In Morel’s newest body of work, Clear, Deep, Dark, Morel takes inspiration from the darknet, a term referring to the hidden side of the internet that deals with illicit transactions, sharing of sensitive information, and protecting human rights. She builds upon her Electrical Drawings (2015) series, incorporating new terms connected to the darknet in her work and examines what becomes of physical objects when they take on new lives in the digital realm. The redisplay of Morel's work alongside her newest series generates a unique context for the pieces, encouraging new conversations between the objects and viewers.

Texas Women Artists: Selections from Bywaters Special Collections

August 21, 2017- August 5, 2018
Hamon Arts Library Second Floor

The metalwork, photographs, prints, and sculpture selected for this exhibition are from the holdings of Bywaters Special Collections, located in the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library. Each woman represented in the exhibition had early art training, most of it professional, yet career paths diverged as they became curators, educators, gallery directors, metalsmiths, printmakers, and sculptors. The first artist represented is Louise Heuser Wueste (Wüste), a “pioneer” since she is the first known professionally-trained woman artist to arrive in Texas in the mid-nineteenth century. Many other women artists followed in her footsteps, and their legacy is still felt today in works of art they created and organizations they established.

In view of the fragile nature of the works of art shown in this exhibition, reproductions of the originals are exhibited. Photographs not from Bywaters Special Collections are noted in credit information.


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