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Current Exhibitions

Chingozine Covers

Collective Practice: Community Building Through Zines

October 20th - December 17th, 2017
Hawn Gallery

Collective Practice: Community Building Through Zines features works by PuroChingón Collective, with members James Huizar, Claudia Zapata and Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi. The works on display include prints, short films, and zines largely from the Collective’s own publication, ChingoZine. The Collective created ChingoZine to act as an alternative space for Latinx artists to showcase their work. The booklet format zines use acts as a social equalizer, enabling anyone to publish work otherwise rejected by galleries or publishing houses. It is also an inexpensive medium, allowing individuals to print and distribute zines at little to no cost and reach a wide audience. The Collective’s works seeks to do just that. Their practice is rooted in social practice and engages with people in public spaces through murals, film screenings, or parties. The exhibition’s inclusion of the Collective’s zines, and visual art helps illustrate how the use of text and images act as a means to support, represent, and empower diverse groups.

Texas Women Artists: Selections from Bywaters Special Collections

August 21, 2017- August 5, 2018
Hamon Arts Library Second Floor

The metalwork, photographs, prints, and sculpture selected for this exhibition are from the holdings of Bywaters Special Collections, located in the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library. Each woman represented in the exhibition had early art training, most of it professional, yet career paths diverged as they became curators, educators, gallery directors, metalsmiths, printmakers, and sculptors. The first artist represented is Louise Heuser Wueste (Wüste), a “pioneer” since she is the first known professionally-trained woman artist to arrive in Texas in the mid-nineteenth century. Many other women artists followed in her footsteps, and their legacy is still felt today in works of art they created and organizations they established.

In view of the fragile nature of the works of art shown in this exhibition, reproductions of the originals are exhibited. Photographs not from Bywaters Special Collections are noted in credit information.


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