Music students have performance opportunities from the first semester onward.


Stellar faculty includes 19 members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Grammy winners and performing and recording artists, augmented by guests such as acclaimed DSO conductor Jaap van Zweden.


Numerous ensembles and programs, including the Meadows Opera Theatre, provide multiple opportunities for performing on and off campus.


Multiple degrees are offered in performance, composition, music therapy, education and more at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


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Dallas Auditions

Auditions are required for prospective performer’s diploma, artist diploma, and graduate students majoring in Instrumental or Vocal Performance, Piano Pedagogy and Performance, or Organ Sacred Music.  Other candidates, see below for further instructions. All voice candidates who wish to audition live in Dallas on January 18 or 25, February 1 or 8 must FIRST submit a pre-screening video. You may upload to our Meadows website or submit through ($25 fee per submission with the option to submit the same recording to multiple schools).

1. Request a Dallas Music Audition Date through the audition date links below.
2. Each performance area has its own requirements for your audition. View the audition repertoire requirements for various instruments and other graduate concentrations.

2013-2014 Dallas Music Audition Dates

If you would like to complete a live audition in Dallas for the Meadows School of the Arts but have conflicts with the standing audition dates, please email to request a private audition.

Changes or Cancellations: If you need to reschedule or cancel a standing audition appointment, please contact our office at 214-768-3680. Candidates may not revise or cancel auditions online.

Recorded Auditions

While we strongly prefer that Performance applicants audition in person, we accept auditions through a video recording. Conducting applicants MUST audition through a recording. Recorded auditions must meet the following requirements: 

1. Audition repertoire must comply with the stated requirements.
2. Submit your audition registration through our online registration form. Directions for uploading video will be provided upon completion of your registration. You may upload to our Meadows website or submit through ($25 fee per submission with the option to submit the same recording to multiple schools).
3. Submissions are due by February 1st for scholarship consideration.
4. Music faculty may choose an interview or follow-up visit with candidates before reaching an admission decision.

Graduate Diagnostic Examinations

Graduate candidates that have successfully completed the admissions process and have been admitted into the Master of Music or Master of Sacred Music programs are required to take DIAGNOSTIC EXAMS in MUSIC HISTORY and MUSIC THEORY prior to enrollment. Students are expected to demonstrate skills and knowledge in aural skills and theoretical materials equivalent to those of graduating seniors who have met general requirements in these areas at S.M.U. 

Students who fail the diagnostic examinations will be required to enroll for Graduate Theory Review (MUTH 6023, 6124 or 6125) and/or Graduate History Review (MUHI 5100). The successful exams or the above-named courses are prerequisite for all graduate, upper-level theory and history courses. STUDENTS CANNOT BE ADVISED INTO UPPER-LEVEL COURSES AT MATRICULATION IF THEY MISS THE EXAMS.

Music History Examination 
To prepare for the Graduate Diagnostic Exam in Music History, the entering graduate student is urged to review any standard textbook such as A History of Western Music, 7th ed., by Burkholder, Grout, and Palisca (Norton) and to review texts and exams used in undergraduate music courses. The exam will cover basic chronology, standard repertoire, musical terms, and stylistic analysis (using listening excerpts and score examples). The exam also includes a discussion question to help faculty assess writing skills.

Music Theory Examination
Aural Skills: Identification of scales, intervals, and chord types; melodic and harmonic dictation (45 minutes)

Written Skills: A comprehensive test covering traditional harmony, form and contrapuntal analysis, as well as theory terms and practices related to contemporary music (1 1/2 hours).  

A comprehensive study guide and diagnostic self-assessment is available online. The automated self-assessment will provide immediate feedback and study suggestions for both the Aural Skills and Written Examinations.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Review courses are not offered in the spring term, and the cost of the courses is NOT covered by scholarship grants or tuition waiver. It is to the student's financial advantage to prepare seriously for the diagnostic examinations.


Please read carefully before beginning your application:

February 1st Deadline and $75 Application Fee
To assure full consideration for the fall term, application should be completed online and ALL supporting materials pertaining to the application for admission should be delivered to the Meadows Graduate Office BEFORE February 1st. Applications for admission without scholarship or assistantship consideration for the spring term should be submitted before November 1 and are considered on a space available basis. Materials received from applicants who do not enroll will be retained by the Meadows Graduate Office for one year. All documents become the property of Southern Methodist University and cannot be returned. A $75.00 non-refundable application fee is required.

Request in writing one official transcript from the Registrar of each college or university previously attended, including summer terms. These may be sent directly to the Meadows Graduate Office. If the transcripts are sent to you, do not open the sealed envelopes, and mail them to the Meadows Graduate Office. A supplementary transcript covering work in progress at the time of the application must be furnished upon completion of that work. International transcripts that are not in English must be accompanied by official translations. We recommend the following services:

•Education Perspective (preferred)
•Foreign Education Credential Service (AACRAO)
•Educational Credential Evaluators

Three letters of recommendation are required. Letters of recommendation should be requested from professors who know the personal and academic qualifications of the applicant. When completing an online application applicants will have the opportunity to arrange for letters to be delivered electronically to the recommenders listed. Applicants will need a valid email address for each recommender and upon submission, notification will be emailed to them directly with instructions on submitting a web-recommendation form on behalf of the applicant. We will also accept drafted letters by mail.

Auditions/Supplementary Materials
Supplementary materials are required for each of the major areas within the Division of Music.

Music Performance, Piano Performance & Pedagogy, Performer’s Diploma:
An audition (either live or recorded) is required of those applying for the Master of Music in Performance, Performer’s Diploma or the Piano Performance & Pedagogy programs. 
Audition Repertoire
Dallas Music Audition Dates
Recorded Auditions

Music Education:
Submit examples of research papers or articles showing scholastic capabilities, a CV or résumé, and a 20-minute recording demonstrating teaching skills in a normal classroom setting or rehearsal. Submit your registration through our online registration form. Directions for uploading video will be provided upon completion of your registration. You may upload to our Meadows website.  In addition, candidates must schedule an on-campus or phone interview with the Music Education faculty by emailing

Music History and Literature:
Include examples of research papers or articles showing their scholastic capabilities. Applicants will be expected to take written diagnostic exams in music history and in music theory as part of their application process.

Music Composition:
Samples of original compositions (scores and digital recordings) are required of all applicants to the Music Composition program. Submit your registration through our online registration form. Directions for uploading samples will be provided upon completion of your registration. You may upload to our Meadows website.

Conducting majors – Choral & Instrumental:
Submit a 20 minute recording of an ensemble rehearsal. Choral Conducting applicants should also submit a a demonstration of singing ability as well as a sample research paper. Submit your audition registration through our online registration form. Directions for uploading video will be provided upon completion of your registration. You may upload to our Meadows website.  Finalists in the Conducting programs will be invited to campus for a live audition.

Master of Sacred Music:
Applicants for the Master of Sacred Music program should apply directly to the Perkins School of Theology, Sacred Music Program, PO Box 750133, SMU, Dallas, Texas 75275-0133 (telephone: 214.768.2502).

Financial Aid
Scholarships and graduate assistantships for qualified, admitted students are available from the graduate division. Candidates for graduate awards are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is not required from international students on the F-1 visa. For additional information, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Meadows School of the Arts, PO Box 750356, Dallas, Texas 75275-0356 (telephone 214.768.3314).

Additional Documents Required for International Applicants
A score of a least 80 (minimum of 20 in each section) on the TOEFL iBT (or 213 or 550 on older versions of the test) is required of all international applicants whose first language is not English. Before an applicant can be considered for admission into a graduate program, the applicant must request the TOEFL score to be sent from the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey directly to "SMU Meadows School of the Arts", School Code 7640, and the appropriate Department Code in the Humanities category: 19 Music. Applicants who have graduated from a U.S. or English-speaking university are exempt from this requirement.

I-20 and F-1 Visa
All international students admitted to a graduate program are required to provide:
• photocopy of passport page that shows official spelling of student’s name (submitted at time of application)
• proof of financial support, usually in the form of a certified letter from a bank (submitted following an offer of admission)

Submission and Contact Information
All materials and/or questions regarding the application process should be directed to the following:

Graduate Admissions
SMU | Meadows School of the Arts
PO BOX 750356
Dallas TX 75275

Or SMU physical address:

Graduate Admissions
SMU | Meadows School of the Arts
6101 Bishop Blvd
Dallas TX 75205

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