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The Temerlin Advertising Institute (TAI) On-Site Application will be offered three times during the Spring 2014 term. For more information and to register for an application session, click here. 

SMU Admissions

Students join the Temerlin Advertising Institute after entering the university. Learn more about admission to SMU.


Questions about admission to the Temerlin Advertising Institute can be directed to

Students wishing to pursue a B.A. in advertising follow a two-step process for admission into the Temerlin Advertising Institute. This process is separate from admission to the university and occurs after a student has completed the following steps:

Step 1: Complete 30 credit hours in good academic standing.

Students must complete a minimum of 30 hours in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.500) before they can apply for a major in advertising. Advertising major candidates must also complete the following four required subset courses with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000: STAT 1301, DISC 1312 and 1313 (or the equivalent), and ADV 2374. (STAT 2301 or STAT 2331 may replace STAT 1301. No other course exceptions will be granted.) Students transferring from other universities must have completed equivalent courses and obtained the equivalent cumulative GPA in those courses before they can progress to step two.

Step 2: Complete the on-site application.

Advertising major candidates who have fulfilled step one also must complete a written on-site application that examines grammar, spelling, punctuation, critical thinking and writing skills. The application process is offered once each fall, spring and summer term prior to the preregistration period. Students who are not admitted during an application process may reapply during the next application period.

Creative Program Application

Students interested in the Creative program in Advertising may apply to the program after admission into the Temerlin Advertising Institute (see above).

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