Campus Involvement and Leadership

Hunt Scholars on Main QuadDuring each year of their SMU education, Hunt Leadership Scholars are expected to engage actively in the SMU community. Through this engagement, students can hone their leadership skills, with the aim of eventually assuming leadership positions.

This expectation is unsurprising. After all, Hunt Leadership Scholars have received this award on the basis of demonstrated leadership ability. And, when Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt established the scholarship, their vision was for the scholars to continue growing in their leadership skills, and to enrich the SMU community as a result.

SMU is especially fertile soil for leadership growth opportunities. The SMU community is large and diverse enough to offer hundreds of organizations with different missions. Yet the community is small enough to permit students to assume meaningful leadership roles within groups that significantly impact the quality of the campus community.

For instance, past Hunt Scholars have become strong and effective leaders in SMU campus governing bodies and student organizations. Their leadership has ranged across the SMU Student Senate, Greek communities, student representation to the Board of Trustees, Student Foundation, Program Council, The Big Event, and a host of other activities and structures that are integral to the SMU community.