Signature Events and Programs

All Majors Career & Internship Fair

The Hegi Family Career Development Center hosts the SMU All Majors Career and Internship Fair in both the spring and fall semesters, early September and February respectively.


This popular event is open to all undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni from the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, Dedman School of Law, Cox School of Business, Simmons School of Education, Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering, and Meadows School of the Arts. An estimated 700 students and alumni are expected to attend. Most will be seeking a full-time position or internships and taking advantage of the opportunity to network and gather general information about your organization.


Whether your goals are networking, building visibility, or screening and sourcing candidates, you will find a vast and diverse pool of SMU students from the sciences, humanities, visual and communication arts, advertising, business, and engineering disciplines. To learn more about events at SMU and join our mailing list, please complete our Employer Engagement Form


Learn About the Fall 2023 All Majors Career Fair


Board Fellows

The Board Fellows program was started in 2018. Beginning with this initial cohort, the SMU Board Fellows Program matches SMU undergraduate students with Dallas area nonprofit organizations after students complete a rigorous application and interview process. Serving as a Board Fellow sponsor provides you with the unique opportunity of allowing an undergraduate student to join your board as an ex officio member. Board Fellow terms match the SMU academic calendar running one academic year in length, September – May. To learn more about the Board Fellows program, please contact Lauren SearwayStudents can apply to serve as a Hegi Board Fellow on Handshake.


Hegi Family Career Development Center Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Internship Program

We invite you to consider hosting an SMU intern during the summer! Designed for students with diverse identities, this program allows employers to submit internship position applications which will be recruited through various affinity groups on campus. Private and non-profit organizations may submit their internships through the DEI Internship Program application, and the Hegi Family Career Development Center will match accepted internship positions with a qualified candidate. The Hegi Family Career Development has limited funding to assist non-profit organizations with internship funding. To learn more about the DEI Internship program please contact Matt Nadler. Students can apply to for a DEI internship on Handshake.


Networking Towards the New Year & Mocktails with Mustangs

Networking Towards the New Year and Mocktails with Mustangs are annual networking receptions taking place in the Fall and Spring respectively for students to practice their networking skills with employer partners. By attending these networking receptions, employers gain the opportunity to assist potential interns and future employees with their networking skills while identifying students who fit your recruitment needs.



Resumania provides employers the opportunity to provide resume feedback to current SMU students. By providing resume feedback, students learn from industry professionals firsthand. Employers benefit from gaining an inside look into undergraduate talent and providing tips to increase candidate success.


Mock Interviews

The Hegi Family Career Development Center hosts one Mock Interview Day each semester which allows undergraduate students to test their behavioral interview skills with current industry professionals. As an employer partner, we invite you to volunteer to provide meaningful and constructive feedback to our undergraduate students.


Site Visits

By hosting a site visit, you are volunteering to host students and share information about your organization, company culture, and office environment/tour. Our Employer Relations team will work one on one with you to coordinate an experience for students to learn and develop while working to meet your recruitment goals.


Employer Symposium

The Hegi Family Career Development Center Employer Symposium allows employer partners to learn and network with members of the Hegi Career Development Center through various panels, professional development sessions, and a networking reception. This event kicks off the recruiting season and allows employer partners to hear about events and recruiting practices that have worked on SMUs campus to help them prepare for the upcoming on campus recruiting system.